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by Kings
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Deep within the realm of my mind lies a secret that may never be revealed.

Unknown Secret

Somewhere hidden deep in the realm of my mind.
Lies a secret that I may never know in my lifetime.
Yes, when I was a child this haunting puzzled me.
So I try to remember this man who is following me.

He has one arm will time ever reveal this image?
It's lost forever, but somewhere it can't be found?
It is embedded deep in my memories of long ago.
I may never know the truth during my life on Earth.

Will it continue to plague my mind with skepticism?
Is it stuck in the back of my mind out of any sight?
Will it ever release its grip, it has on my thoughts?
This illusive haunting avoids all attempts to free it.

Years have added to its strength that controls me.
Yes, I try to ignore it when I think of life in my past,
If it never reveals itself, then I will have to accept it.
I must accept it, may never come to pass with time.

A one armed man, who wore a hat lurks in my mind.
Maybe someday this haunted secret will be set free.
So will it release its grip and hold it has on my soul?
I will cast it out from my mind never again to return.
BY: Kings

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