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Rated: GC · Short Story · Erotica · #478660
For The Gentleman's third challenge..
Driving was not my favourite thing to do, especially on such a glorious day as this. The early afternoon sun was reaching it’s pinnacle of sultry heat and I was just glad I had put the top down before I started on my journey home. The few cars that were on this stretch of highway slowly disappeared and pretty soon I was alone. An eerie feeling.

In the distance I spotted a car stopped by the side of the road. As I drew closer I saw it’s hood was up and steam was pouring from underneath. I slowed as I passed it and noticed a pair of long muscular leather clad legs poking from out the passenger side. There was no movement. I pulled in to the side and stopped my car. Hesitantly (you hear such stories these days, I heard my mother saying) I walked up to the ailing vehicle to see if I could offer assistance. Peering inside I saw it’s occupant.

Even though he was lying down I could tell he was tall, about 6ft 4. His lean muscular body moved slowly as he breathed gently in and out. I guessed he was asleep, he must have been there some time. His hair was long and black and it stirred softly as the breeze passed through the vehicle from the open windows. Fine boned features made up his pale delicate face, which, in the back of my mind, I recognised...

NO! It wasn’t possible! It was the man in my fantasies. But this could not be! He wasn’t real, not real at all!! Suddenly the figure inside the car stirred and he opened his eyes. I held onto the side of the car as my knees gave way, his eyes, black as midnight, peered directly into mine. Sitting up, he smiled at me. I blushed as I realised I was staring, open mouthed, into the face of the man in my dreams.

Coughing, and gaining a little composure I nervously asked, “Need any help?” A stupid question I know, but the only one I could come up with at the time.

“Thank God!” He exclaimed. “I thought I was going to be stuck here forever! This damned rental gave out on me and I can’t get a signal on my cell in this place!” He looked hopefully at my car, then me. I smiled and offered him a ride into town. “That would be great!” he said, “I might just make my appointment after all”.

We climbed into my car and set off down the highway again. My heart was beating wildly having the embodiment of my fantasies sat by my side. Struggling to keep my attention off him, I turned my thoughts to the road and we soon reached our destination. As it turned out, he was a writer, attending the local bookstore for a signing. He peeled his long muscular frame from my car and turned to me. “Any plans for this evening?”

I smiled and shook my head. “I’m just coming home for a couple of weeks vacation. Relax, unwind, that sort of thing. I live in the white cottage at the end of this road. How about you?”

“Oh, I’m here for the weekend, spending a few hours here at the bookstore ready with pen in hand incase anyone is desperate enough to buy my book” He laughed. “The rest of the time I guess will be spent either looking round this lovely town, or in my Hotel”.

I looked into those beautiful dark orbs and the words spilled from my mouth before I could stop them, “will you have dinner with me tonight?” He smiled again, “I’d love to, but shouldn’t it be you having dinner with me? After all, I owe you. Tell you what”, he said. “I’ll come to your cottage, but I’ll bring dinner with me, how does that sound?” He looked as if he wouldn’t take no for an answer. “About seven ok?” I smiled back, knowing full well that I couldn’t refuse. “Seven would be fine, see you then”...

Looking at myself in the mirror, watching the small thin strap fall from my shoulder for the hundredth time and trying to put an annoying whisp of hair back in its clasp, I jumped when I heard a knock at my door. Opening it I gazed in amazement at the man who stood at my door. He was dressed completely in black, and was holding a box in one hand, and a bottle in the other. “Pizza and red wine ok? There isn’t much else to choose from at short notice”. He laughed nervously. “Come in please”, I said. “Pizza and Red Wine..my favourite combination”.

“Not exactly the way I wanted to repay you for your kindness this afternoon”, he uttered quietly as we sat on the sofa. “I had hoped to give you an evening more memorable than pizza and wine”. “Oh believe me this is the most memorable evening I have had in a long time” I smiled. He looked deep into my eyes. I could feel my heart racing and I found it difficult to look anywhere else than into those wonderful dark orbs. Just at that moment the thin strap on my dress slid slowly down my shoulder. I watched his eyes follow it’s movement as if it was in slow motion. Before I could move he had reached out his arm and slid his finger underneath my strap, and, tracing his nail gently along my skin, placed the it back on my shoulder.

I closed my eyes and bit my lip as I shivered at this touch. I really thought I was dreaming and didn’t want to lose that moment. When I opened them he was closer to me, his hand reaching gently to caress the side of my face. “Are you alright?” he asked. My mind and my mouth were functioning completely separate of one another and all I could do was nod. I closed my eyes again and leaned further into his caress. I felt his hand tenderly move into my hair, stroking along my neck as he gently pulled me towards him. His lips embraced mine in a soft lingering kiss. For one brief moment, the kiss stopped, as if suspended in time, then I felt his lips capture mine again, fully this time. This kiss was deeper, more passionate. I could feel the tip of his tongue gently dancing on my lips, beckoning to my own to join in this oral duet.

His fingers once again lightly glanced over the skin of my neck moving back my hair that had fallen from its clasp. His lips now followed his fingers tracing a slow and sensual path down the side of my neck until he reached my shoulder. My senses were reeling, my blood coursing through my veins as I felt his kiss deepen, and the gentle graze of his teeth over the most sensitive and sensual spot on my shoulder. I trembled and shuddered as a moan quietly left my lips. He sat back on the sofa, watching me with burning eyes as he slowly unbuttoned his shirt. One, by agonising one he took his time, teasing and tantalising me. Sliding it over his broad shoulders and down his arms as he pulled off the black flowing fabric and tossed it over the back of the sofa.

Standing, he pulled me to my feet in front of him. Sliding the thin straps down my arms now, he tenderly caressed every inch of skin his fingers came into contact with. Then, grasping my shoulders gently but firmly, he turned me around, so my back was to him. Sweeping my long hair across my shoulders he slid the zipper of my dress downwards. Only my hands grasping the front of the dress held it in place. He leaned forward, kissing my neck and shoulders as he slid his hands inside my dress, my back resting against his chest as he slowly cupped my naked breasts and teased at the hard buds that welcomed him. All the while he was kissing and gently biting at my neck and shoulders as my dress made its final journey and landed in soft folds at my feet. Nuzzling my earlobe he whispered, “lie down” as he gently pushed me on to the warm rug in front of the fire.

Just when he had removed the rest of his clothes, or mine for that matter, will forever remain a mystery. I felt him kneel across the back of my thighs and his strong hands begin to massage up along my spine. As he moved slowly upwards, I could feel his hardness nestling gently in the curve of my cheeks, sliding gently, moistening its warm welcoming path. Laying his body over mine and pressing forward, he slipped effortlessly into my glistening womanhood making me cry out with pleasure. His organ, long and hard pulsated inside me as he slid rhythmically in and out, his lips and teeth still paying homage to my neck and shoulders driving me to new heights of passion as I lifted my hips to join with his rhythm.

Kneeling again, he pulled me back with him so I rested on my hands and knees. His hands, roamed over my back and shoulders, teasing and caressing every nerve, then grasped my hips as he thrust deeper inside me. Only our sounds of passion joined with the gentle crackling of the fire could be heard as we both increased our momentum, faster and harder now our bodies met in the flame lit darkness. Leaning over my back and kissing my neck once again, he bit down and sucked fiercely on my most sensitive spot tipping me over the edge. Wave after wave of orgasmic bliss washed over me and I felt his own overtake him, his juices filling me and oozing slowly and tantalisingly down onto my inner thigh. We both collapsed forward onto the floor breathing heavily. My mind drifted as my eyes closed and I felt his arms tightly wrapped around me...

In the back of my mind a sound registered. The sound of a car engine. ‘That’s not right,’ I thought. I opened my eyes to find I was sitting in my car by the side of the road, the hood was raised. I remembered. It had all been a dream.

The sound of footsteps approaching shook me from my disappointment, and I peered out into the semi darkness as the footsteps got closer. A man stopped outside my door and knocked gently on the glass. I opened the window and the man peered in. “Need any help?” asked the smiling face. The same face that belonged to the man I had been dreaming about moments before. I smiled and I knew this really was going to be a night to remember.
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