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by Kings
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An article that deals with abuse of our children.

Loss Of Innocence

We must protect our children from these evil predators. Who roam our cities and, country side stalking our children as their prey.

Educating our children as a parent helps but, is not enough. We need to get the word out to our children by any and, all means available. Television is probably the best source, the Internet, newspapers, radio, and our school Teachers are very good sources too.

These innocent victims of these horrible crimes, at the hands of these evil and, sadistic predators has got to be stopped!

Our children are buds that have bloomed and, someday will blossom into adult hood. We as today's adults have the responsibility to insure this happens, be it God's will. Our innocent children deserve to have our protection in any and, all ways possible.

In some families sexual abuse can also be found as well. They are family predators such as; an uncle, aunt, and sometimes even their own Father or Mother. The latter is rare but, it does sometimes happen. This abuse has got to be deterred and, stopped.

The best deterrent in such cases as family abuse, are our school teachers. We should educate our teachers to be aware of these facts. So they may detect any signs of abuse to their students. Teachers often are Mentors to their students and, can gain their confidence to reveal such child abuse.

Innocent children are misled and, deceived by such family members. They tell their innocent victims that they love them and, would never hurt them. These predators tell our children they are doing normal things to them and, other families do it. The children are deceived into believing it is alright. In some rare cases other family members would not believe them even if they did tell them.

This is why teachers are so important in the fight against sexual abuse and, should be schooled on this subject.

Children are but buds that have bloomed and, will someday blossom into adulthood. It is our responsibility as todays God fearing, caring adults. "To weed their flower garden and, keep the bugs out".

Let's allow these innocent children to grow up as normal children into normal adults. By letting them have their normal dreams and, wishes and, become normal adults. Never having to remember any abuse from their childhood. Never be plagued with any horrifying flashbacks or experiences from their past.

It is surely true these type of experiences are never forgotten. They will not allow these future adults to live a normal life and, grow up to function as responsible parents. They can only teach their children by what they have learned and, experienced in their life. They will only be able to teach their children God's moral standards by the knowledge they have gained in their past.

We must protect our children well being at any cost and, in any and, all ways possible. Any profession that deals with or, is connected in any way with children should be thoroughly scrutinized. Before they are allowed to have any dealings with our children. Some will say this would be impossible to do as a safeguard. Then this I tell you nothing should stand in our way to protect against our children loss of innocence.

Because as surely as I am writing this article their minds and, whole life will be warped by such experiences of abuse. By the hands of these evil and, sadistic predators. It has been said; "Stats are the facts and, don't lie". The majority of these predators were victims of child abuse themselves. This does not give them the right in any way to do to a child what they may have experienced as a child.

It seems more and, more children are being murdered, brutalized, raped, and abuse by each passing day. Whether it be at the hands of a stranger, friend, or by a family member. You can't just turn you back and, expect this horrible thing go away. Because it won't it is a fact that has to be addressed and, dealt with. We must join together as God fearing, caring adults to stop this terrible abuse. We need to deal with these sadistic and, evil predators.

If our future generations are to produce responsible adults. Then this abuse has to be addressed and, stopped. We must stop it by any means available. Television is probably the best source, they could produce a special series concerning this matter. They produce series that are far less important than this escalating problem. If they did produce such a series it would certainly deter this tragic abuse. Children are born Christians they are a gift from Heaven by God. They are totally at the mercy of any adult who may abuse them. Because children are so loving and, trusting only allows sexual abuse to go unnoticed and, remain hidden.

We as todays adults need to be aware of these facts and, to be on guard toward abuse. Even our Priest's, Rabbi's, and, Ministers create sexual abuse with our children. They are not truly safe anywhere with teachers, coaches, and scout leaders to name a few. They use their profession as a cover so they can commit these horrible acts of child abuse on our children. As I have said children are flowers it is our responsibility as adults; "To weed and, keep the bugs out of their garden".

By: Kings

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