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by Kings
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The weeds that grow and, the bugs that invade our children's flower gardens of life.

Our Children

Blessed are our children for
They are flowers blooming
as they grow in life's garden.
In their garden sometimes
Becomes contaminated
By a wild weed or a bug.

Our innocent children must
Be kept away from these evil
Doers so they can't hurt them.
Our children give their love so
naively and unconditionally

Some would use love to deceive,
Mislead and to abuse them.
The weed that tries to grow
In their garden must be pulled
Out of the soil that feeds it.

The bug that seeks to invade their
flower garden must be kept away
By using deterrents against it.
The bug is a stranger searching
To find children to devour it's prey.

Once in our children garden it will
Defile them before it goes away.
The weed is no stranger but maybe
A friend or a family member.
Who lives and plays alongside
our precious children so tender.

They use their closeness to our
children as an excuse or pretense.
To deceive then defile them of their
sweet precious innocence.
The weed and, the bug are both
Predators but in different ways.
Their goals are the same to,
defile our children as they play.

If our children are to grow and
Bloom into normal adulthood
Then we must keep their flower
Garden from bugs and, the weeds.
We must spray their flower garden
of life often to eradicate the bug.
Pull the weed by its roots out of the
garden of flowers where it feeds.

By: Kings

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