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by Kenzie
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Birds of all kinds joined in the dance, and those who were not dancing rejoiced in song.
The Dance of the Birds
by Marilyn Mackenzie
March 4, 2002

Bird in Nest

Isn't if funny the way we tend to notice things? For instance, I have drive a blue Chevy Cavalier, and because of that, I notice both blue cars and Cavaliers as I'm driving. There are very few blue cars where I live. Today, many cars are that strange color somewhere between gray and tan.

I have a niece, Erin, who is a wonderful dancer. She's a teenager, and has been dancing - tap, ballet, jazz - for years. Her talent is a natural one, and beautiful, and she wants to pursue dancing as a career. Because of my association with her and the number of recitals and performances I attended when we lived in the same town, I now see that same grace and beauty and "dancing" in nature around me.

Today, the birds danced - a beautiful ballet. I often speak of the birds. I'm sure it's because I like to awaken so early, and enjoy sitting on my porch as I study God's word and talk with God as I begin my day. Sometimes in those early mornings, I feel as if the birds are performing for my benefit. At other times, I almost feel that I am an intruder in their world.

Although I enjoy listening to and watching the birds each morning, I wish I had taken more time to learn more about them. I'm not a bird watcher. I cannot identify many more species than the blue jay and cardinal. But, nevertheless, I enjoy watching their early morning activities.

This morning, the birds danced. And I, one who loves to put pen to paper, cannot begin to describe the beauty of that dance. The ballet of the birds was full of grace and beauty as they swooped and darted from tree to tree.

Birds of all kinds joined in the dance, and those who were not dancing were rejoicing in song. Even the squirrels stopped long enough to watch the grace and beauty of the dance of the birds. God, the Creator, was certainly in evidence this morning.

The birds danced. What a celebration they had! Although it was rather cold out this morning, I imagined the birds were anticipating the arrival of Spring. As I closed my Bible and headed into the house to begin my day, I thanked God for allowing me to watch some of His creatures show appreciation for the budding flowers and warm days to come.
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