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These are some of my writing suggestions for new members on writing.com.

My Writing Suggestions

(1) My writings here on writing.com, have helped me to understand my inner feelings immensely. I now am able to realize my most misunderstood feelings from my past.

(2) Every writing I compose adds to this realization. It is as though I am writing an auto-biography of myself. Each of my new writings reveals a part of my past in some way. When I proof read my writings after I have just written them. I become amazed by my feelings and thoughts, I have just written. These are parts of my past that would have gone unnoticed other wise. My writings really create a great psychological understanding of my true self.

(3) I just recently started writing again after years of being dormant as a writer. This was a very wise decision that I made. I really enjoy writing here on Stories.com and, getting to know a lot of my fellow writers. I encourage any new writer or, member here on Stories.com, To write as much as they can and, to vary the subject matter of their writings often. By doing so they will gain more literary knowledge and, with it precious wisdom.

(4) This is why I believe most of our well known writers from the past and, present are truly knowingly wise men and women. For instance, to be able to write a great quote, the author must have or had great knowledge and, wisdom. To attain this they must have a true understanding of their feelings.

(5) Has any of us read William Shakespeare's or, Mark Twain's early non published works? I wonder if we could not critique some short comings in their early writings?

(6) A literary genius is self made; "practice makes perfect". The subject matter of our writings and, how they are brought to literary life, are very important too. All of us writers to a certain extent write from an imaginary state of mind either writing from past experiences and knowledge or, from our present imaginary feelings. Whether we write fiction or, non fiction it does not matter. Some will say; "only scholars make good authors". I say; "only great authors become true literary scholars".

(7) You don't have to have a Masters degree in English, to become a literary genius. Wisdom gained from experience and, knowledge and, a great imagination are the key ingredients. How all these ingredients come together in a authors writings makes all the difference.

(8) These are my beliefs and the main ingredients that make a good writer. Above all else self understanding of your inner most feelings is the main key. if you are to open the door to become a good writer then you must use your knowledge as the right key.

(9) I encourage all of you new writers and, members at Stories.com, to try my suggestions. I don't proclaim to be a literary genius but, some of these factors are just plain common sense.

By: Kings
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