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by Kings
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It is wiser to gain an enemy rather than to lose a good friend..

Wayward Friend

Over my past years in life I have Met a lot of new friends.
During that same time I have also had a few enemies.
Even though these enemies were unearned and unwanted.
Tried to understand and discover the reasons for the dislikes.

I know everything has reasons to be, but reasons are evasive.
I've came to the conclusion that enemies are wayward friends...
Who are envious or jealous of me for some unknown reason.
Main reason for this is simple to understand don't know me.

I've many times gone out of my way to try make new friends.
Sometimes trying is just not enough no matter what you do.
Some people have a tendency to take all things for granted
including people's feelings then they realize they're mistaken.

Their once friendship begins to deteriorate into a dislike state.
You have nothing good to say keep comments for another day.
Should we not respect an other person's feelings and opinions?
Just because they disagree does not mean they're wrong too.

It is very disturbing to have a good friend turn into an enemy,
More often than not it's failure to understand anothers wants.
Life would be boring indeed if we all had the same opinions.
Is why I believe most so called enemies are wayward friends

The majority of times the better we get to know our friends.
We meet people who pretend as friends for a devious reason.
We should be aware and discard them as possible friends.
Very possible to gain an enemy without even knowing them.

Perhaps don't like your looks, may be jealous, envious of you.
This type of enemy is truly a wayward friend, don't like you.
a person not knowing you is certainly an unearned enemy.
A good friends, friendship is something to be very cherished.

It is certainly one thing we need a lot more of in this world.
A person who hasn't a friend truly has a heavy burden in life.
Most good friends will automatically help their friends out.
They feel compelled to by just being their very good friend.

By: Kings
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