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by Kings
Rated: E · Prose · Comedy · #491553
As Johnny drives by people hold their noses and plug their ears.

Johnny's Clunker

Johnny an old friend lives down the road.
Has an old car it is an old antique Ford.
It rattles and roars and breaks down a lot.
I've suggested to him take to the scrap lot.

He said he could not do such a bad thing.
He loved that old car like his wedding ring.
Judy his wife said she did not know why.
He did not trade it off to an unaware guy.

Johnny just won't listen to what we say.
Takes a chance driving home each day.
I can hear him coming from a mile away.
His muffler needs work needless to say.

It roars, it rattles, and often breaks down.
Still Johnny drives the car all over town.
Long does he expect this antique to run?
It blows smoke all over people make fun.

That Ford should been scrapped long ago.
He'd do us favor he scrapped it you know.
We would not have to listen to all that roar.
Be choked by smoke its exhaust pours.

Each time it breaks down he thumbs a ride.
No matter where when, the old Ford decides.
One day it will break down not again to run.
When it does I will celebrate as I have fun.

By: Kings
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