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The worst loss I have ever suffered to this date.

Tiny person in my womb
Your father doesn't know about you yet
And I'm afraid that he may never
Because even I'm something he regrets

But can I be sure you're there?
Or are you a figment of my imagination?
Could it be wishful thinking?
That you're my mind's new creation?

So I swear that you're not real
And I carry on in my days
But little do I know
That you're not really my mind's haze

Dreams start to come to me
Of the person you'll become
And how your "daddy" won't acknowledge you
Even if I could prove you were his son

A mistake that I ever met him
Though a mistake to me you'll never be
If God wants this to happen
I'll just wait it out and see

My friends don't know the difference
Cause I lied and said I wasn't
But I don't know the truth yet
And your father doesn't

Tiny person in my womb
Should I doubt that you exist?
Should I treat you as though you are real?
Or as an idea dismissed?

But while I was still questioning
The next thing that I knew
You were gone before my eyes
You never really grew

And so I lost you in a sea
Made of blood and tears
And I then found out, tiny person
That you were real, like I had feared

Will you ever come back to me?
I pray for that every night
Even though I don't deserve you
And the timing wasn't right

Tiny angel up in Heaven
I'm so sorry I was wrong
I wish I never doubted you
Maybe then you would've come along

Please come back to me if you can
Because I'll love you just the same
There will be love now my son
Instead of emptiness and pain

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