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Ever made a wish?
Have you ever gazed down into a pond or a fountain; and seen all of the pennies carpeting the hard, wet floor? When you see that metal, glimmering back at you, do you ever stop to think about what people have wished for?

"There they stand, poised and motionless, at the waters edge. Clutching that nothingness in their hand as if it will save them from all harm. Silently, fervently, praying on all that is magical in our world, to be granted this one wish. Their lips move in unison. Suddenly they open their eyes and drop the little copper speck into the aquatic habitat below. And then turn to walk away...feeling content perhaps; but nevertheless forgetting the effort that was just sprayed forth."
But what do they wish for? Do they wish for money, power, the presidency? No.
People whose hearts are pure enough to see what element of wonder and mystery a wish can hold, often wish for happiness and true love. The truest and rarest things in life.
Those people who know what truly is the foundation of happiness in this world, are the ones who will give it and receive it in full measure.
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