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Long ago, in a distant land to the east, there lived a young boy named Chiao-tzu. Growing up in a family of warriors, he had an incredible fighting spirit, and an even stronger will to protect others and his honor. He therefore vowed that he would one find the strongest, deadliest, most powerful dragon on the face of the earth. As he grew, he lived up to this promise on the battlefield, decimating any challenge before him. Still, he never found the dragon he was searching for. Sure, he had killed many a dragon, but none turned out to be a real challenge.

Many years passed, and he became a distinguished samurai. Now retired, soon preparing to die, he still could not lay down until he found that dragon. His family tried to restrain him, but even in his aged, weakened condition, he was a force to be reckoned with. Until his heart stopped.

As he ascended to the etheral plane, he saw his ancestors, for the first time, and asked why he could not find the dragon he sought. They answered, "Chiao-tzu, the dragon has been within you all along." Chiao-tzu looked at his ancestors, puzzled. "Your willpower, your determination, they became the strongest dragon you've ever known." At last, Chiao-tzu understood.

I leave you with this thought: Chiao-tzu's dragon lives in all of us. Let it grow, let it live inside your soul, for you may one day need it. And perhaps, one day, we will succeed where Chiao-tzu failed.
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