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A poem dedicated to my beloved mother...
Title: Memories - A Dedication!
Dedicated to the memory of my mother - the best part of me!

As a child you kept careful watch
I was scared and you comforted me
I was happy and you smiled with me
I was sad and you cried with me
I felt lost and you guided me home
I felt panic and you calmed my fears
No matter what I did you kept careful watch

As a teenager you kept a close eye
I made the wrong choice; you corrected me
I made the right choice; you commended me
I stayed out late and you worried
I came home early and we talked
I got my first kiss and we shared the memory
I graduated school and you cried for me
No matter what I did you kept a close eye

As an adult you kept special note
I got my first job and we went shopping
I got my first raise and we went on a trip
I got my first pink slip and we hit the pavement
I met my finance and you approved
I walked down the aisle and you cried happy tears
I delivered my first child and you held my hand
No matter what I did you kept special note

After your sad departure I sat down and went through all the things in my life that you were part of. And I realized that even though in physical presence you are not with me your love and spirit will always shine on me. I am the best part of you, as you will always be the best part of me.

I love you mom, now and forever!

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