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by Kenzie
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We love you Writing.Com. Happy birthday!
Sing a Song of Love for Writing.Com
I Will! I Do! I Did!
By Marilyn Mackenzie

You want me to sing a song? Now that’s right up my alley! Having hit my 50th birthday this year, I don’t sing with same angelic voice as I did as a child. But I can sing with gusto, with feeling.

"I sing because I’m happy...I sing because I’m free..."

Oh yes, we’re singing about Writing.Com, aren’t we? "We are family..."

Sing along with Kenzie! "We love you Writing.Com, oh yes we do. We don’t love anyplace as much as you. When we’re not logging on, we’re blue. Oh Writing.Com, we love you!"

A birthday you say? Writing.Com’s birthday? Okay, join in everyone. "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to US, happy birthday dearest Writing.Com. Happy birthday one and all."

"How old are you now? How old are you now?..." Two years old? Is that all? You mean this magnificent home for writers, poets, and artists is only two years old?

Wow. Let’s see. The site was born, parented by two wonderful people the StoryMaster and StoryMistress. What a beautiful child it was, learning to crawl before walking. Do you realize what changes occur in the life of a child in the first two years? Learning, learning, learning happens that first two years of life.

Do you realize the struggles that parents go through during those first two years of their child’s life? Bless their hearts.

And these lovely parents have gathered quite a family around them. There are many people gathered here trying to tell the parents how to parent, how to discipline, how to run their house.

The family they’ve gathered around them are all creative folks, writers, poets and artists. They’re temperamental folks, these artists. Creative, yes, but often temperamental. And do they have business sense, these gathered artists? Not much, perhaps. But they still attempt to tell the Writing.Com parents how to run a business. My these are patient parents.

"Three cheers for the StoryMaster, the StoryMistress, the StoryMaster, three cheers for..."

Hopefully the next few years will be easier than the first two. Those first two years can be dreadful – up late for feedings, walking the floor wondering what to do with a sick child. And changes? My, my. Changes can bother the child, as well as the family gathered. Some really abhor change.

Yes, hopefully the next few years will be easier ones, ones that will allow for some relaxation, ones that will allow the parents to spend more time together getting reacquainted. You’ll need to draw strength from each other. For ahead loom the teen years. Hey, don’t laugh. Time flies and soon your baby will be grown.

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