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by hippo
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One of my ideas of fun
This body of mine has been on the go
For many years I tell you so,
However, within this ageing being
There hides a child, forever seeing
Ways to shed the adult interior
By finding fun to make life cheerier.

I love the thrill of Theme Park rides
When stomach and throat meet up inside.
I love it when adrenalin
Courses through my veins so thin,
The charge I get is so exciting
I could be a flash of lightening.

My purse I stuff inside my coat
My specs are off and in my pocket
The ride now takes off like a rocket.
G-forces pin me to my seat
We've reached at least a hundred feet.
Then twists and turns and upsidedowns
Screams and stomach churning drops
" Don't let me die " cries a voice behind
What a wimp…. Think I !

Suddenly, in total darkness and with a jolt,
We've stopped.
I do not know what is to come
All I can hear is a quiet hum
From the metal entrusted with my life.
Slowly forward we go, on another tack
I feel as though I'm flat on my back.
Up and up we go, will we reach the top
Oh ! Golly gosh, another stop.

Now we're plummeting into the black abyss
Not forward, but backward and with a hiss
Of compressed air to hasten descent
Many screams of terror the air do rent.

Going so fast........…or is it slow
My mind's so confused I just don't know.
There's a sigh of relief from all on the ride
When we're plunged into sunshine,
We've made the outside.

Brain's synapses are beginning to spark
I know where we are now
We're at the Theme Park.

September 15th 2002

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