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by hippo
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This poem is dedicated to CRYSTAL, a beautiful redheaded young lady. Now with Jesus.

At this specific time
I’m trying to write a rhyme
But the parrot on my shoulder
Doesn’t think I outta.

He’s nibbling at my ears
Kissing neck and cheek
What a shame he’s not a bloke
That’d be right up my street.

He’s an African Grey called Dillon
A rescue bird in a million
He plucks the feathers from his wings
But boy ! Can this bird talk and sing.

Because he cannot fly
He’s free to roam at will
‘Cos what he really cannot stand
Is having to stay still.

When I am in my study
That’s the place he wanders to
One of the favourite games he plays
Is trying to steal my shoe.
( off my foot that is ! )

He chatters on and on
He whistles many a tune
He tells me he’s a good boy and
Where is the moon ?

Now Dillon has two parrot friends
Cohorts in villainy
Plus one dog, five cats, one human
Here at the menagerie.

I do not think that Mizzy,
Rescued parrot number two
Will ever stop her plucking
Knowing the trauma she’s been through.

To me, she is a loving bird
Who sees me as her friend
I feed and play and talk to her
From morn until days’ end.

But Mizzy has a lethal beak
As sharp as any knife
If she takes a dislike to you
You’d best run for your life.

Although she cannot fly
No flight feathers, you see
It does not stop her attacking
Anyone who doesn’t flee.

Her movements are so fast
She’s on you in a flash
Take my advice, don’t say hello
Go for the instant dash.

Papagallo is number three ,
That’s parrot in Italian,
‘ Pop goes the Weasel ’ is his best tune
He gives a good rendition.

Now Pappy’s fully clothed
Denuding’s not for him
When he’s allowed out of his house
It’s lampshades he starts to trim.

He chases cats, he steals dog food
He dive bombs from above
But when the fancy takes him
He really is a love.

Head down means, please tickle me
Head on one side, I’m listening
Bobbing up and down means dance
To the music that I am hearing.

Sitting at my computer
I can hear them utter sounds
Although some is gobbledegook
They’re coming on leaps and bounds.

Each speaks their name so clearly
Each with different diction
All say hello, bark like the dog
Soon they’ll be writing fiction !

So now you’ve met my psittacine
In time to come there’ll be
More stories I can tell to you
Which I ’ll impart with glee.

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