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The Bionic Six must stop Scarab from destroying time as we know it. Parts 1&2 together
Temporal Lunacy

Written by Nathan C. Welty welty69@hotmail.com

Spiffy disclaimer. This story is not written to make any money, I wrote it for my, and others enjoyment. I do not or have not owned the rights to the Bionic Six. This is a work of fiction, not to be mixed up with anything living dead or made up.

Deep in the ocean in Dr. Scarabs undersea lab/hideout, Dr. Scarab, Glove, Madame-O, Chopper, Klunk, and Mechanic were sitting nursing their wounds. They had just come back from another crushing defeat at the hands of the Bionic Six.

Scarab sat on his throne/hoverchair, simmering. Tapping his fingers against his chair, he muttered.
"Where did I go wrong? Where, where, where?"

Scarab yelled. "Mechanic!"

"Ya boss" Mechanic said slowly.

"Go and fix up all the cyfron robots that were destroyed and make them better this time."

"Sure boss."

"I've got a great idea that will destroy the Bionic six." Scarab said

Madame - O stepped up and purred "What's your plan DAHLING?"

Glove stopped fixing his namesakes weapon spoke "What makes you thinks that this one will work?"

"Because my purple skinned buffoon, this plan is brilliant!' Scarab said

Glove spoke rather sarcasticlly. "Whereas your 50 or so other brilliant plans failed miserably."

"I don't like the tone of your voice Glove. Maybe I should have Klunk here beat some manners into you."

Klunk hearing his name stood. The gray green goo that was his skin looked as if it was melting but somehow managed to stay on his body. He spoke sluggishly. "Beat....manners.....smash..."

Glove aimed his left arm at Klunk and siad "Only if you want to be spread around the lab like the jello mold you are."

Chopper the ever loving motorcycle jerk spoke in his usual graty voice. "So what's this plan you spoke about?"

"I'm gonna build a time machine and use it to kill those bionic boobs."

Everyone spoke at once.


"But DAHLING what about the time you...."

Chopper interupted "Had the you from the past and your future self come here?"

Glove finished. "All three of you were so pompous and arrogant and distrustful you couldn't come up with a plan to get out of a wet paper bag."

This earned Glove a small taste of laser fire aimed at his feet. Glove did a little dance to avoid the lasers and fell on his knees.

Scarab looked at Glove and spoke. "Say it"

"No!" was the reply.

"Try again." Scarab re-oreinted the lasers and aimed them at Gloves head. "Say it, or you will get a haircut Scarab style." Running his palm over his bald head.

Glove said scornfully "Hail Scarab." He thought to himself "One of these days fatman, our roles will be reversed and it will be you who kneels to me as I hold YOUR life in my hands."

Scarab thoughtfully pointed out "It was I who gave you bionic life and I can also take it away."

Glove stood in the corner to reflect on this bionic "life" they all had while Scarab ranted on about his plan. A couple of years ago an innocent Dr. Sharpe later known as Dr. Scarab took him in after his parole, and the rest of the group was elderly and homeless. He promised us power, strength, and money to try some experiments on us. Well 2 out of 3 ain't bad. We have yet to get paid for all this crap.

When Scarab bionicized us he wiped most of our memories and tried to make us more docile. Before Glove's transformation he had done a tad bit of tinkering and had come out with most of his memory and personality intact. His name came from the multi purpose weapon of his left arm. Glove was retrieved from his flashback just as Scarab finishes his plan.

1 year in the future

The Bennett family were out an a famly picnic eating, playing sports, and having fun Meg and Eric Bennett,the blonde twins of Jack and Helen Bennett were throwing a baseball back and forth. The other two adopted children, Bunji and J.D. were doing their own thing. Bunjiro a Japanese American was finishing a kata of his own design.
J.D. an african american had his nose stuck in a science book. Wanting to always learn something new, sucking up information. This was how he eaned his nickname I.Q.

Suddenly the picnic was cut short as all their bracelets/watches went beeped simultaneausly. They all looked at their wrists as Dr Amedeous Sharpe appeared. A rather attractive man in his 60's apologised (sp) "Sorry to cut the picnic short gang but Dr. Scarab is attacking a museum that houses one of the worlds largest diamond."

The Bennett family (Secretly the Bionic six) looked for some cover in a grove of trees.
Jack spoke "All right gang, time to gear up." They all spoke the same phrase "Bionics on!" as they inserted a ring on one hand into the before mentioned braclet on the other arm. There was a bright flash of light and in the Bennett's place stood the Bionic six.

Bionic 1, with vision,hearing and strength enhancements.

Mother 1, with ESP, and holographic abilitys

Rock 1 with sonic distuptors, and super speed

Sport 1 with powers of magnetic forces

Karate 1 with enhanced strength, and martial arts ability's

I.Q. with enhanced intellegance and strength

As quick as possible they arrived at the museum and and found a bunch of people milling around. "Huh?" Bionic 1 thought "we were told they had hostages."

Suddenly 5 of the people raised their arms and slapped themselves on the chest saying "Hail Scarab!" A bright flash of light later stood Glove, Chopper, Madame O, Mechanic, Klunk, and chaos ensued.

Glove yelled, "Get the bionic bozos!"

"Not so fast metal mitt," quipped Sport 1

Chopper attacked I.Q. and Karate 1 "Time to chop you into spare parts."
Chopper's metal chain became an extention of his body as he swung it around.

Rock 1 used her super speed to lend a hand as needed.

Spot 1 grabbed a handfull of loose diamonds and yelled "Batter up!" He used the diamonds as baseballs as he hit them with bionic presision at the bad guys.

Madame - 0 threw down a darkness grenade and said. "Time to go DAAHLINGS." The synthetic smoke and ink provided enough cover for their escape route.

Sport 1 pouted "Dad, that's the 3rd time they just turned tail and ran without so much as a good fight."

Jack Bennett agreed. "There may be a bigger picture to all these attacks. Lets go see Proffesser Sharpe, he'll have an answer."

In Scarab's undersea lab, Scarab cried out in triumph. "I have all the parts needed to make my time machine." No sooner had the words left his lips he watches as a portal shimmers into life and out steps....Dr. Scarab. Older, more wrinkles, and a few added bionic implants

"Aaahh, just like I remembered it." Scarab 2 sighed. His eyes roved around and stopped on Glove. He asked "You mean my younger self hasn't killed you yet?"

Glove sneered and walked away

Scarab 2 held a small device in his hand that started beeping. He read the display and scowled. "What do you mean unknown weight content, what addition? Was that a crack on my weight? Was I followed, if so, by whom?"

Scarab 1 spoke up. "What are you doing in my lab?"

"Don't you mean OUR lab Wilmur?"

"Don't call me that, it's Dr Scarab!"

"I know, I know." The older Scarab said wryly "You have it written in your underwear." This brought a few snickers from everyone in the room

"I have come back to give you a few tips and in the process give myself an extra hand in my quest for world domination.

"I don't need your help."

"Yes you do tubby, and by the way lay off of the fast food huh? It took me years to work some of it off."

I don't need your help, you old geezer, because I have a plan to..."

"Destroy the Bionic six, I know. I remember, you failed in doing so. Now here is what I propose..."

Meanwhile Glove was walking down to his room. "Another Scarab, just what we need." As he entered his room he stopped. Sitting on his bed was a mirror image of himself. Not quite an exact image, older, more haggard looking. The original Glove suddenly figured it out. "You followed the future Scarab back here!"

"Yes." Glove 2 said wearily "Come in, I have a proposition for you." The door shut by itself and all was silent

At the Bennettt household.

The twins, Eric and Meg walked into a dark kitchen and were assaulted with a bright light and a loud "SURPISE!" They both smiled as they realized that the rest of the family had thrown them a birthday party. Helen Bennet brought out the cake saying "Here you go guys, chocolate just the way..."

She dropped the cake as a wave of ESP energy hit her. She screamed and hit the floor. Jack rushed to her side.

"Honey, are you ok, what did you see?"

Helen whispered "I don't know, it was all a jumble but it had something to so with the kids."

J.D. and Bunji?"

"No, Eric and Meg."


"Eric Stevens Bennett and Megan Samantha Bennett."

Jack said softly "Sweety, you know we can't have kids. That's why we adopted J.D. and Bunji."

"We never had the twins?"

Jack sadly shook his head. Helen look at the floor for the cake she had dropped. Nothing. Clean as a whistle, no mess.

"Helen, what's going on?"

"I don't AAAARRRHH!!!!" Another wave assaulted her and she found herself in Eric's arms.

"Mom, are you alright?"

"Eric? Is that you?"

"Ya mom, we're all here." Eric stated.

"Oh sweety, your father said we never had you."

"Dad's dead, Mom." Eric said sadly.

"What!" Helen screamed

"Dad died in an avalanche in the himilayas."

"Dead...then that means we never got our bionic powers."

"Bionics?" Meg asked. "That would be solar!"

Helen got up but slipped on blue icing. The cake was there but it wasn't chocolate like she had originaly made. Another stab of pain and the world seemed to do a hiccup. Helen was back in the right time, she did not know how she knew but she was back home. There on the floor was the twins chocolate cake.

"Helen?" Jack asked "What happened honey, you seemed is if you dissapeared for a few seconds?"

She got up and brushed herself off. "I'm fine now."

"Now, yes, but what about later?

"We need to go see proffessor Sharpe, NOW!!!"

Sometime in the early 80's

A portal shimmered into life and a man stepped through. Looking around Glove sighed and said "Time portals...gotta love 'em." He thought to himself, this was the third test of his teleportation portal. The older Glove had given him plans to make a time machine using bits of future technology. Glove planned to use it to destroy the Bionic six and finally become ruler of Dr. Scarabs gang of thugs. The future Glove said to make a few test runs before engaging in his plans. By messing up the time stream a little, it will provide a distraction for goody-goodies like the Bionic six.

"Just a few more stops and I can start my grand scheme." Punching a few numbers on his hand held computer glove vanished.

Just then the older Glove steps out from behind a tree. "I'm gonna tag along just to make sure it gets done right this time." Laughing sinisterly he vanished the same way his younger self had.

part 2 coming soon
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