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A little about me...
Welcome to my world, I hope you will enjoy your visit. As your guide I will let you see some things that may reach to your world as well. No pressure to accept or deny, just a sharing with no expectations... giving for the sake of the gift....

That is what writing is to me. I have yet to earn a nickel with it but the friends I have made because of my writing added to the writing that comes from knowing the friends, well... it is circle I am happy to be part of and "payment" comes in less obvious ways...

A little about me so that maybe some of the writing makes a bit more sense.(Reader's Digest version here with stories later to fill in the details)

I turned 53 in January. Divorced for almost 7 years now but on my own for close to 9 years.

I always wanted to write as a kid but growing up as a military brat in the 60's and 70's put certain restraints on the way we could express ourselves IF we let emotions take control. So I wrote the overenthusiastic Pollyanna stuff that no one really believed or cared to read.

I did what was expected of women in that period of time, even though we were on the cusp of true feminist independence, I got married and had babies.

I lost myself in my children's reflections, taking pride in their accomplishments. Defining myself through them and I loved the life we shared.

Events out of my control shifted our lives. My son, at age 16, became a key witness in a murder trial that went national and nothing could be the same again. My husband and I ended our marriage as friends and continue to be good friends. A blessing for the kids, I think, even though they are grown and beginning their own adult lives.

Not long after my husband moved out I started spending way too much time on the internet, talking to "strangers". Then one night a certain stranger started a ball rolling and I have been writing ever since.

Writing for myself and those close to me has kept me sane in a kaleidoscope of change.

That was 5 years ago and pieces you have seen so far are parts of my life over that period of time mixed with dreams and memories that become clearer each time I fall into them.

New things happen every day which, of course, means new writings are waiting to be put to "paper".

Thank you to those on here who have made me comfortable with "talking out loud"...

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