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by Marie
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Explanation of my award, listing of recipients, and the why.
'Human Angels' come in all shapes and sizes. Some are groups, some are forums, and still others may be singular items. What I focus on with this award is the creator's and/or participant's willingness to extend a helping hand to other people in the world through Writing.com. The recipients show a level of excellence that is rarely found.

If it is a group or forum, EVERYONE takes an active role and has the right mindset/character to meet the common goal. I also look at the response from the people toward whom the actions are aimed. If it is a singular Item, then it has been pointed out to me by various persons, and I agreed with the claims of excellence.

The choices for this award can be anything from revisions and editing, to self-help, counseling, or activism. It really doesn't matter to me - as long as what is created serves some purpose and that purpose is served or met.

It is important to state: All recipients were awarded for excellence beyond Writing.com. That is to say, they took what Writing.com has provided them and used it for something greater. They did not focus on Gps, Upgrades, etc - but instead looked towards something with more importance to the individual person or career in Real Life. [This is not to demean the value of the affore mentioned focal points.]


bianca_b's Book "Invalid Item
Through her desire to learn the varied forms of poetry, Bianca has provided the online community with a gemstone dedicated to the continued education and awareness of one of the most confusing writing tools - Poetic Expression. With 50 different poetry sections - each including an outline, explanation, and example - "Invalid Item has become an extensive resource for poets, contestants, and readers alike, reducing ignorance and misinformation while promoting creativity and inspiration.

scarletheels 's website "Time Eaters
Scarlet realizes that there are two poles to everything. With work, must come play - and what better way than to play in a stimulating fashion? "Time Eaters brings a wonderful reprieve to authors and readers everywhere. Spend some hours in quirky ponderings while filling out surveys and answering polls which make you think in ways that get your muse sputtering. Then read through featured artists and pieces of talent worth appreciating for a jumpstart to reality.

noir's folder "Invalid Item
PK&SB keeps you on your toes as you evaluate your own perceptions and misconceptions about writing in general and the noir genre. Once you get past the crass nature filled with humor and experiences, you find a true gem of "no holds barred" opinions, revisions, rules, and in your face critiques. Pay attention to the vast topics: titles, crossing genres,and building depth, to name a few. If you change nothing about your work after reading this series, then you haven't looked deep enough.

terryjroo's folder "Invalid Item
A folder full of countless Items of information, education, experiences, and concerns on one of the most common conditions in the world. Terry shows the world the ins and outs of "Invalid Item, and how to not only survive but move beyond and live, through her own personal struggles.

Lady Stars 's group "Invalid Item
A Group of wonderful people who go that extra step to show caring and kindness to those in need. For sending smiles across the world without a second thought - brightening the days of loved ones and strangers both.

Marie 's group "Portfolio Support Society"
[In all fairness, this Group didn't belong to me when I awarded it.]
This is a splendid group full of honest and earnest helpfullness in the creation and molding of excellent writers & artists.

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