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The definition of love through through time.
What is a love but an illusion?
The indication that some people’s minds travel to unknown destinations and come back with nothing.
To vow thee with the sweetest words and kiss thee with flowers.
Love flows out of each person’s tongue and into another’s mouth.
Is sexual love, heat or ecstasy?
A boy whispered in my ear last night and the wind blew through his tousled hair.
Oh… to experience love is to feel a strange malady crawling through your body.
It begins when your right toe tickles gently as you are flying in his hands.
It ends when the poisonous arrow hits your heart and deflates it of its blood.
The butterflies sing in my stomach when he looks into my eyes.
I want to feel moisture as our bodies blend together to an unknown song.
If you domesticate me, can I be your master?
Power struggles as love intensifies.
Dreams of goddesses and blond cupids.
Feel hands touching, lips lusting, souls crying.
Love requires courage of pagan gods and super heroes that do not exist.
To be lost in insanity, but every maze has a solution.
They scream to run and love.
Shall I?
After all, I am only human in this life.
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