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Wanting to practice what I preach, I wrote this for our weekly newspaper.
I once noticed a sponsored item by ~VAL♥sBaby♥Dylan~ , was written for a local newspaper about Writing.Com. After reading that article, and after having a discussion with the StoryMistress about the importance of each one of the writers here promoting this site, I wrote this:
 Why Should I?  (E)
Why should I? What’s in it for me? Lots, folks. Be a pal to us all. Promote Writing.Com!
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I do practice what I preach. I spend some time each week promoting Writing.Com, and specifically the stories I've written, by entering the links in free search engines. But the article by Valikka kept resonating in my brain, and I finally decided to write something similar myself to send to the daily and weekly newspapers in our area.

The following article appeared in The Community Hearld, our area's weekly newspaper. The Herald only prints about 8,000 newspapers each week. But that means that 8,000 people learned about Writing.Com who might have never heard about this site otherwise. Isn't it time that you helped promote this site too?

book and glasses

By Marilyn Mackenzie

Hear ye, hear ye, Brazoria County residents. If you are an experienced writer, an aspiring writer, or someone who loves to read, Writing.Com is the perfect place for you. I’ve written for the Community Herald before, and I’ve never steered you wrong. Trust me on this one.

Now that I have you convinced (I do, don't I?), take your cup of coffee over to the computer and sit down and get comfortable.

Once you’ve entered Writing.Com, you’ll discover how-to articles on publishing, forums for all ages, and stories, poems and essays on topics from children, family, parenting and women to love, religion, sports and technology.

Writers can learn how to query editors, can be included in books being published, or can hone their writing skills. Readers can find an abundance of stories about everyday events, written by everyday people.

In days gone by, writing was a skill developed by politicians and statesman, by teachers and lovers. Letters and journals were almost literary works of art. It pains me that keeping diaries and journals are not everyday activities for the majority of people today. It bothers me that more boys and men aren’t encouraged to write their thoughts and feelings down as they did in the days of our ancestors.

Many people have been discouraged from writing as a career choice, and as a result, many have undiscovered talents. At Writing.Com, there is a fantastic community of writers who have developed that love of writing, who give each other constructive criticisms, positive feedback and encouragement. For many, receiving positive feedback encourages them to write even more.

Writing.Com offers storage of all your writing attempts. If you’ve ever had your computer die, lost everything on your hard drive and at the same time had you’re "A drive" quit working and all of your disks become unreadable at the same time, having a place like Writing.Com for storage of your writings means a lot!

A writer’s creative efforts may be shared with a select few, with the entire community, or stored for private viewing by the writer only. One can participate in campfire creatives and interactive stories, or write essays, documentaries, articles, stories, drama or poems. Even original photographs may be stored or shared and appreciated. If journaling is your new hobby, that’s part of the web site as well.

Instant messaging is also available. It helps to be able to access other writers for instant assistance in finding the right word, or for assistance in editing before publishing.

Statistics are available, telling the writer how many members and non-members have viewed and rated his "works of heart."

Stop by my portfolio http://Writing.Com/authors/kenzie today to see what Writing.Com is all about. Check out my What’s New? folder first, for my latest writings. Or check out my other folders - Pets and Animals, Faith Matters, Family Matters, To Rhyme or Not to Rhyme, Getting to Know Me, and more. After that, be sure you explore the vast community of Writing.Com. I know you won’t be disappointed.

Many of the features at Writing.Com are offered free of charge. An upgraded membership is reasonably priced, but may be obtained for free by entering and winning contests. Gift points are earned just for logging in, but may be won or purchased, and caps and T-shirts with the Writing.Com logo on them are available at the Writing.Com store.

Forums and support groups abound at Writing.Com. There are teen writers, twenty-somethings, middle-aged writers, and the rocking chair gang – all making up a community of writers and support. The site is operated by a StoryMaster and StoryMistress.

As a writer’s site, I’m convinced that Writing.Com is the best! Whether you love putting pen to paper or just love to read, this is the site to visit. Drop me a line after your visit at Kenzie@Writing.Com.


Although the readership of this weekly newspaper is rather small, I do know the article was read. I know because people have stopped me in the grocery store and the bank to tell me so!

I do love it here! And every once in a while, I just have to share why...

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Remember....."Life Is What You Make It and sometimes we all need to "Do Something!. "It's Everyone's Job.
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