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my thoughts on belief
What do I believe?

You ask of me this question
So I will tell you how
I come to my answer
From a far off place to now

As I look about me
After years I must confess
Instead of knowing more
I reckon I know less

The pain, toil and Suffering
That with me have tried to sit
Have added character to my frame
Bit by precious bit

So don't despise my dear ones
That which your way passes
Take from it the good thats there
And take off those rose tinted glasses

I believe in people
And their unfailing plight
To sometimes get it wrong
but our God puts it right

Nonsense, I hear you say
about this God you speak
To believe this is truth
This guy must be weak

Well look upon the flower
Or upon the man
And show me how without God
All this you can understand

Are we just from the slime
Here just by chance?
Or created by a breath
To enjoy the dance?

I have walked this path
Some 50 years or more
And these then are my belief's
given right up to your door

And if you think I'm unhinged
and a little geek
Well if my truth is right
I'm glad that I was weak

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