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voldemort, new family, powers, new worlds and responsibilities, how will harry cope?
A Street in Surrey was as normal as any; anyone who came to Privet Drive would never suspect what strange and mystical things were happening in number 4 Privet Drive at that, moment. It was 2.00am on August 10th when a boy woke with a sudden start. Harry Potter had woken up with a splitting pain in his scar, he was very worried about this as from past experience his scar only hurt him when the evil Lord Voldermort was near or had particularly murderous thoughts, usually towards him!
He leant over to his bedside table and pushed on his glasses he looked at his watch, which had once belonged to his cousin Dudley, but his wrist was so fat that he couldn’t wear a watch anymore! The watch read 2.01am, Harry sighed. Every night since he left Hogwarts after the night of the Triwizard Tournament when he was transported to Voldermort who was restored back to full power Harry had had nightmares. Harry had seen Voldermort kill Cedric and seen Voldermort’s death eaters return to him. Harry had been able to escape thanks to the charm ‘prior incantium’ in which the shadows of the last few deaths, which Voldermort had performed, came out and spoke to Harry, the shadow of his father appeared and told him to run to the Triwizard Tournament Cup which was a portkey which would take him back to Hogwarts.
Harry got up and walked over to his desk and stroked Hedwig and stared at his schoolwork, he had completed all his summer work except for his potions essay, which this year had been particularly hard, he then thought about Snape and wondered what mission it was that Snape had been sent on by Dumbledore, Harry wondered if Snape had gone back to Voldermort but then he thought that Voldermort wouldn’t take Snape back after Snape betrayed him, Voldermort wasn’t stupid and he then suddenly had great pity and probably for the first and last time in his life he said
‘I hope Snape’s ok.’
Then again Harry for the second time in his life said
‘Why did Voldermort want to kill me when I was a baby?’
Suddenly Harry had a feeling that he was being watched, he went over to his window and suddenly from the shadows he saw the image of a man, Harry blinked and saw that the man was walking up to his house! The figure stopped and pulled his hand out of his ropes and pushed his hand forward, his hand suddenly stopped and a blue dome appeared around the house. The figure quickly withdrew his hand and screamed in pain, he began to nurse his hand then he took out his wand and whispered something and flicked his wand. Harry almost instantaneously knew what was to come, the dark mark was shoot in the air and lingered in the air, suddenly there was a faint ‘pop’ and Harry’s scar exploded with pain, Harry fell backwards clutching his scar. He dragged himself towards his window and saw that another figure had joined the original one.
The new figure walked up to the other then raised his head and looked straight at Harry, his thin mouth curled into a smile and his eyes flashed with excitement and delight. Harry felt as if his head was going to split but he forced himself forwards and looked at the two men, Voldermort pulled out his wand and muttered some words and flicked his wand towards the force field around Harry’s house, and a crack appeared in the blue dome, Voldermort turned to face Harry and smiled and said
‘Tonight you die Potter!’
Harry immediately ran to his desk and grabbed some parchment and a quill and scribed down a note to Dumbledore, which read,
Voldermort and a death eater are outside my house, Voldermort has performed a spell and a dome around my house is beginning to crack! Help!
Harry grabbed Hedwig, who immediately sensed the importance of the matter and let Harry tie the letter to her leg easily. Harry opened the window and was met by an immense rush of cold air, Hedwig flew out but about 10meters from Harry’s house, Voldermort looked up and shouted
‘Accio owl!’
Hedwig was caught in a wind and was blown towards Voldermort, she was struggling to get back on course when Voldermort laughed and said,
‘Trying to get Dumbledore to help you Harry!’
Voldermort said this more as a statement than as a question his red eyes transfixed on Hedwig.
‘He can’t help you, even if your owl got to him by the time he gets here you will be dead but just to make sure, your owl wont reach Dumbledore.’
Harry tried to think what could he do, nothing there was no spell that he knew that could help Hedwig.
‘Another loved one, your owl, will die tonight Harry, so many have died for you.’
Harry was furious he looked at Hedwig then something inside of him said ‘Concentrate’ so Harry stared as hard as he could on Hedwig and willed her to be out of the grasp of the accio spell, suddenly Harry felt like he was falling through space and his mind cleared, he looked up and saw Hedwig he shouted,
‘Go to Dumbledore, quickly,’
and suddenly Hedwig was released from Voldermort’s spell and accelerated into the air and suddenly disappeared. Harry felt like he was being weighed down and his mind restored back to normal. He looked down at Voldermort who was looking amazed and frightened at this sight, he looked up at Harry, whose scar immediately began to burn Voldermort shouted,
‘What was that?’
Suddenly the air filled with the song of the phoenix and Voldermort winced he looked at Harry and shouted angrily,
‘What did you do?’
Harry stood there defiantly and stared back at Voldermort although his eyes were watering from the pain in his scar, the truth was that Harry didn’t know what he had done or how he had done it. Suddenly Voldermort’s eyes flashed up towards the sky and Harry followed his gaze, there were hundreds of shooting stars in the sky which were falling down towards them, Voldermort gazed silently then a theory dawned on him, he whispered to Lucius Malfoy something which Harry could not distinguish and then Lucius Malfoy stared at Harry and Voldermort said slowly and painfully,
‘Potter’s the ‘one’!’
Suddenly one star came down and shot through Harry’s window and came to rest on his shoulder Harry stared at if and it quivered and turned into a red and gold phoenix,
Harry whispered. Fawkes rubbed his head on hears neck and Harry felt an immense power go through him, taking hold of his very soul he screamed out but then it stopped and Fawkes looked at him as if he understood him, Harry gazed down at Voldermort and Voldermort shouted defiantly,
‘He has the power!’
Malfoy then looked directly at Harry and shouted to Voldermort,
‘Look at his eyes’
Voldermort detached his gaze from Fawkes and looked at Harry’s eye’s Voldermort gasped and shuddered, he then whispered something to Malfoy, who then disapperated with a faint ‘pop’ Voldermort glared at Harry, Voldermort’s eyes furious and filed with malice he then disapperated with a faint ‘pop.’ Harry breathed a sigh of relief when he heard a ‘pop’ behind him, Fawkes shifted on his shoulder and Harry turned around to see………
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