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by hippo
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Entry for Thanksgiving Contests
I'm thankful for every morning that dawns
As I awake, with a stretch and a yawn.
I'm thankful that I can see and talk
Even though it's difficult for me to walk.
I'm thankful I have enough to eat
Fresh water to drink and shoes on my feet.
I'm thankful my family were able to be
Loving and kind and caring to me.
I'm thankful I have been to school
I can read and write and play by the rule.
I'm thankful for nature's beauty around
A wonderous gift that does abound.
I'm thankful for friends far and near
Their love for me I hold so dear.
I'm thankful for sun, wind, rain and snow
For without all these our crops won't grow.
I'm thankful I know good from bad
That I'm able to cry when I feel sad.
I'm thankful for creases and lines on my face
For they show I can smile and laugh
Watch this space !
I'm thankful for all life throws at me
I'm alive, I love life and I also love me.
So…..what am I thankful for , in a nutshell
I'm thankful today, for I feel so well.

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