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by *Mel*
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The Death Of A Dragon

The Last

There once was a tale, of a creature so fair,
Whose life had an ending, which was none but despair.
In a town amid mountains, that’s hard to be seen,
There was a long ancient land, where a dragon had been.

His scales were as black, as the undying night;
His strength was more than a match, for a foe in a fight.
He was born in the winter, a long time ago
But with wisdom comes age, which always will grow.

His eyes shone like stars, on a cold winter night,
Though one had been lost in a terrible fight.
He flew town to town, striking fear into eyes,
But the lord and his men, he did much despise.

They had hunted him long, and killed many his kind,
And their eyes before death, still haunted his mind.
For he was the last, and was now under mark,
They had hunted him fast, like an eagle a lark.

He was perched on a cliff, and not ready to die,
The knights picking up speed, he watched with one eye.
The dragon’s heart was filled slowly with dread,
As the orders were given, to be off with his head.

Now the dragon took flight, and flew madly about,
While the knights on proud horses, began to search out.
They searched in the mountains, and through valleys of sand,
Until they halted in front, of a shadow so grand.

In the road was the dragon, they would never pass by,
As he stared them all down, with the one blazing eye.
Now they stood in the road, both facing their foe,
But in the dragon’s heart, despair started to grow.

The knights raised their swords, and spears to the sky;
“Tonight is the night, that the dragon shall die”!
They out numbered him well, and he gave all his might,
But as hard as he tried, he could not win the fight.

They chained him up, and drove stakes to the ground,
For his fate it was seeled, and was now tightly bound.
He lifted his scales, and showed a heart beating fast,
And he knew that this breath, would sure be his last.

Up came the spears, and the knights took their aim,
They plunged down their swords, and death finally came.
The dragon lay still, for he knew he would die,
As he breathed his last breath, and closed the one blazing eye.

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