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Describing it. The pulse that surrounds you and you are rarely aware of.
The Pulse Of Life

         I watch the masses moving in fascination with something they possess, The Pulse Of Life. I stand amazed and in wonder. This pulse, it is amazing, so great and vast in its glory and I feel tiny next to it. It is so enormous that I feel as if it swallows me, drowns me in its great uneven torrents. This Pulse, it is so uncertain, moving, changing, twisting , breaking. New pulses are born as old ones fade away yet the wheel continues, ever changing. The Amazing Pulse Of Life.
         This Pulse, it is made of so many things, of dreams, of secrets, of hopes. Watch it and you will see. Sit down for a moment and contemplate this Pulse, at first, think of an individual… this person has feelings, hopes, dreams, thoughts, experiences, secrets, a past and a future. Now think of every possibility, this person also has suffering, heartbreak, worries, talents and a completely unique personality. Now, imagine another person and another person, all with different yet similar aspect… now, a whole population, millions and millions of such people! It is, in itself, overwhelming. For now, time is suspended but if you let it run its course, it becomes awe-inspiring! Every second, thoughts change, suffering ends and begins, new pulses are born, old pulses are gone, new emotions exist and old ones go away.
         Some people feel this Pulse. Especially, in a hospital, where there is plenty of suffering and grief, the person, as death approaches, feels the Pulse and contemplates it, wishing they could keep it for longer. The Pulse continues…
         The Pulse, at times, fills a person with a strange sense of sadness. Maybe because this Pulse can never unite and become one great throbbing entity of happiness. Maybe because of their smallness and insignificance compared to it. At other time, it fills a person with longing, and the rest with awe. The Pulse continues…
         The Pulse now is, mostly, unfelt. Pulses that are born do not give joy to those who have no ‘relation’ to them. Pulses that are gone are not mourned for by those who do not know them. When it is said, ‘millions are dying!’ That piece of news is taken in with a certain numbness, for what can one do? Still, the Pulse continues…
         When you are alone, remember it. This Pulse is great and ever present, surrounding you and taking you helplessly in its current. Remember it, it exists. You are not alone, there are so many like you, so many to choose from! Remember it, for even as you disregard it, it is there, it continues. Remember that it throbs in your veins, soul and mind. Remember what you can do with it. Remember what it can do with you. Remember it in humility. It is, after all, The Pulse Of Life…
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