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life is like a box of chocolates, if only I didn't love the soft centres so
Just why was it put there,
Just within my reach,
Was it for my taste,
Or my paitience for to teach.

Its full of bright colours,
And sparkling shining thing,
Of course I wonder what is within,
And what fun it all might bring.

It's really quite intriguing,
And infruriating too,
The way it sits so inviting,
Kinda reaches in to you.

After all, it is there,
Right where I can see,
You really can't be serious,
Expecting me to flee."

It surely wouldnt hurt,
Just a tiny peek,
The answer to what lies within,
Is all that I might seek.

I'll just tiptoe over
no one will notice me
carefully I remove the paper
and lift the lid to see

Carefully I look inside
to see an apple and a book
What's this book of knowledge
Hmm might be worth a look

"AH HA now we've got them,
It worked just fine",

Said the snake,slithering,
Laughing all the time

"Excuse me did I ask you,
That box to open there",
Came a voice ringing like thunder,
From somewhere on the stair.

"I really didn't mean to",
"Nonsense of course you did
Was it someone else then
who went and moved the lid?"

"I'm afraid you've really done it now,
There's a penalty for going in,
Now i'll have to rescue,
Mankind from all his sin"

"I'll send my son to deal with it,
He'll know just what to do,
Hanging upon a tree,
Dying just for you".

"Now you can come my lovely,
come and take my hand,
we walk back in the garden,
just as i'd always planned".

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