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Drake Montreal has to locate the family heirloom,before Markein unleash its powers.
The dripping of blood from his sword were continuous after he: Drake Montreal severe the head of his foe, one of Markein’s men. He slid the sword into the black leather sheath strap across his back and picked up his hat as his every step echoed in the dark alley of Silingtton.

Drake walked the streets of the deserted land, his coat blewed apart from the sudden strange wind. The sky showed a darkish purple suggesting a storm soon. He pass by a beggar shivering from the cold stillness of the night, with only a thin piece of cloth barely covering him. He would need a place to put up for the night. A wooden plaque that read ‘Tavern’ highlighted by a lantern above caught his attention a few paces ahead.

The place be the center of the town activity. A gang of rogues occupied the table to his far left making merry, a couple smooching to his near right, an old man that had too much to drink now pukeing all over himself and the regular customer the bartender be familiar with. Drake walked towards him.

“What would it be?” Zulcan ask wiping the table.
“I need a room for the night” his deep rough voice replied.
“No rooms available,” Zulcan said taking a quick look at him, as a customer came to refill his mug.
Drake place several gold coins on the table, ”a single room would be better”.
“Why didn’t you say so,” he said quickly placing the coin into his pockets
“We just happen to have a spare room, take the stairs and turn left at the end of the hallway” he said.

hands swept by him as he climb the staircase leading to a second story
Building. The room was small, had a bed towards the right, a table for two opposite the entrance; where a jug of water and basin was placed. There was small window at the end and the bed creak as he sat on it. Drake noticed that he was wounded on the left rib, from the earlier battle he had. He placed his palm on the wound and watch it slowly heal until there only the blood on his palm that remain the evidence of the wound. The amulet that hang around his neck, played shadows against the candle night; it was a green emerald set in the middle of a circle with brown heliographic inscribe around it. It was given to him by his father; Lincoln Montreal when he was 14. The precious amulet was a family legacy descendant from his great ancestors ‘The Montreal Wizards’. Between us we safeguard the amulet, though when combine it holds power’s beyond anyone’s grasp.

Drake awoke by the commotion below, he got up and slowly ajar the door.

“A man was killed at the alley of Silingtton yesterday, he was last seen by resident’s with a guy, he’s about 6 foot tall, black hair has a French beard and wears a long black overcoat. This guy is wanted for murder and black magic” Captain Ruben address the occupant at the bar, while the remaining four officers were checking the rooms both from the opposite directions.

They were just two doors away form him. He looked around, the window would be his only alternative. He dressed quickly, grab his sword and jump down, landing on a grass bush and quickly stood against the wall.

“Thud” the noise came, as the door was kicked open.
“Looks like there’s no housekeeping” one joked to the other pointing at the scramble bed.
“Did you hear about the wizard that was hang in ‘Neveryon?’ it’s said that he was practicing black magic on the villages” one of them said looking around the room

Drake pricked his ears at mention of ‘Neveryon’. That would be his destination. He meant to ask the bartender this morning about the place but his plans seems to have change now. He waited until he heard their footsteps leave the room. Drake then used the back dusty laterrite alley, turning to the right coming to an open land and a forest ahead. He followed the trail made by pass-byres that cuts' through the thick dense forest. It was soo still that he could even hear the cricket and insect noise as he walked along. Some distance away a female voice reached his ears.
“Let’s go of us,” the young girl shouted.
"Let the young girl go" Drake said coming in view with them.
"If not" the first guy said holding the young girl's wrist as she twist and turn her hands to get loose, while the other guy had a knife near the boy's throat.
“You wouldn’t like to find out” drake said.
“I will take care of this,” the second guy said advancing after he flung the boy aside.

Drake avoids his attack, but caught hold of his arm and twisted it as the knife fell from his grasp to the ground. He bend the guy’s knee forcing him to kneel and broke his neck, seeing his partner dead the first guy fled as fast as he could.

“Are you alright’ drake asks.
“ Yes, thank you, how can we ever repay you” the voice of 12 year old replied him.
“Do you know the way to Neveryon" he ask
“Why yes, we go there to trade our the things we make, in fact we just came back from selling them" she said.
“Could you tell me how to get there?"
“It’s a long journey on foot, but pa will send us at midnight today, you can follow then if you don’t mind. You could put up in our house for the time being” she said.
“Thank you “ he said, as they continue their journey to village ‘Gorgon’.
“I’m Riana and this is my brother Romious. What’s yours?” She said.
“Drake Montreal, what were you doing in the forest alone" he asked.
“This is the shortest way to our village, the thugs were after our money” she said showing the pouch tied around her waist.

“Did you said your name was Montreal,I heard that name somewhere,” she said placing her index finger on her lips.
“from where” he ask calmly
“Hmmm……. Yes, that old man who heal the boy next door when he was down with yellow fever. He’s name was Montreal too. Are you related?” she ask
“No” drake said flatly.
“But tell me more about this old man you mention
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