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by hippo
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I didn't ask this wee creature to come live at my house !
This poem is for my new friend Aaron, who's life has been turned upside down this week. Know that you are loved from far off lands and thought about often.

There is a little being
That's living in my house
It really shouldn't be there
Its name is Mr Mouse.

I haven't actually seen him
But I've heard his tiny squeak
When everything is quiet
He comes out to take a peek.

I know that he comes out
Because upon the floor
He's left his little calling card
Just by the kitchen door.

I honestly don't mind
If he stays a night, or few
So long as his friends don't visit
And party on 'til two.

I'm going to be quite firm
About his tenancy
If I find out he's been sharing
I'll double his rent, you'll see.

The worst thing he could do
Would be to find a wife
'Cos once they start a family
I'll be in for real strife.

So, until the day I find
My house rules have been broken
I'll leave him be, to live his life,
His landlord, me, has spoken.

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