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When a friendship seems to be falling apart, what can one do?
A friend is someone who cares
Each and every day
A friend is someone who listens
To every word you say

A friend I found in you
As well as you in me
Why do you cause me so much pain?
Why must you make me go on with so much agony?

I really try to make you happy
Whenever you’re feeling down
I really try to make you laugh
Each time I see a frown

Everyday you’d teach me more
And shine light upon new things
Everyday it was something different
I’m scared to think of what the future brings

Recently, the road’s been rocky
We use to walk down it hand in hand
It seems as though we’re both stuck
Stuck trying to find our own way out of the quick sand

I remember when we’d pull all nighters
And make almost everything fun
I remember when things began to fall apart
And how much it hurts to think we could be done

So, I sit at my desk-
Hands hiding my face
As I try to figure out how…
How to get us out of this place

Never has there been a person
Who could lift me so far off the floor
Never has there been anyone
Who could resemble an angel at my door

Life seemed like it was getting worse
Spiraling uncontrollably down hill
It seems like I’m as lost as I was back then
Maybe we both just need to take a pill

So, let the days drag on
Let the time pass by
Hopefully the holes will mend themselves
Then, we can realize that a good friendship never dies
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