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About Henry the Eighth and his six wives

On June 28th fourteen ninety-one
Henry the Seventh's wife gave birth to a son.
Named after his father, he was to become
England's most wedded King……….bar none.

He came to the throne, aged only eighteen,
Catherine of Aragon he wed and made her his Queen.
To give him a son, she couldn't do,
So his eyes fell on Anne Boleyn, wife number two.

He divorced Catherine and married Anne,
Who produced Elizabeth for her man.
Unfortunately for Anne the Queen,
Henry tired of her and contrived a scene.

To rid her from his life for good
Before him for treason, by adultery stood.
She was found guilty with fabricated facts
And sentenced to death by the axe.

Henry's bride number three was Jane Seymour,
Lady-in-waiting to both Queens before.
Eleven days after Anne's beheading
Henry and Jane dressed for their wedding.

Less than a year after that day,
Fate dealt them a really bad hand to play.
Their son Edward was born during the night,
Giving Henry shortlived delight.

For just a few hours there was mirth
But then Jane died from the effects of the birth.
Poor King Henry was stricken with grief,
His time with Jane was all too brief.

In an attempt at alliance with the German ruler,
He wed Anne of Cleves, but soon divorced her.
He said she was, most unattractive
And with that face he could not live.

The next wife he chose, number five
Only twenty years old, but had seen much of life.
Catherine Howard had many a pre-marital liaison,
When Henry found out, he tried her for treason.
Beheaded in fifteen forty-two
Her life was cut short at twenty-two.

Henry's sixth and final wife
Catherine Parr lived her own life.
She was kind to him and looked after him well,
But time was short, she could tell.

In fifteen forty-seven,
King Henry the Eighth died,
One of Englands greatest monarchs,
With his Queen by his side.
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