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by hippo
Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Contest · #576959
Entry for Writers cramp 27 November 2002
When I left home this evening
I went to meet some friends,
We thought we'd live it up a bit
And go clubbing by the Thames.

Arriving at the venue
We queued for quite a time,
When we eventually reached the door
The time was half past nine.

This club, I know is open
Until the early morn,
And tomorrow is the weekend
So we'll dance away til dawn.

We're having such a great time
Meeting many a cute female,
We haven't left the dance floor yet
Except to buy and sup our ale.

The time is getting on
I've drunk a lot of beer,
I need to find the lavatory
I hope it's really near !

Telling the lads I'm in need
They point out the way,
Out that door, round the corner
"It's easy "... I hear them say.

Well, I followed what they said
But soon was desperate,
So I ducked into a door I found
That was a huge mistake.

As the door closed behind me
I reached to stop it shutting,
"A waste of time, no handle there"
I heard someone muttering.

I looked around, all I could see
Were solid walls of rock,
Stone steps descending, no door to find
I was trapped and in deep shock.

My bladder now was empty
I wish I'd never come to this rave,
They are never gonna find me,
Because I'm lost in Miller's Cave !

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