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A revilation during criminal justice class
Nobody in this world is different
Not even you or me.
We’re all the same inside and out
Come with me and you soon shall see

Place your hand upon this here table
So I can take this needle and prick your skin
I’ll do the same to myself
Observe the redness within

Follow my finger and look over there-
Can you see Diallo’s face?
With a blink of an eye the shots were fired
It was their racism that led him to that place

For it was after the man hit the floor
The police realized their grave mistake
Diallo wasn’t the man they were looking for at all
However, it was his life they would take

Now, let us take the hand of that there man
Who’s skin is dark as night
Prick his finger as we did
Does that spark you as a strange sight?

Again, follow my finger to that there man
Who sits innocently on death row
“He fits the profile and the evidence is clear”
Apparently, that’s all the jury needed to know

He clasps his hands and begins to pray
As he walks boldly to his death
Then blows a kiss to his wife behind the glass
Closes his eyes as takes his last breath

Again, we take the hand of someone else
Who’s face looks unlike your own
And we pierce the skin and then take a look
Noticing the exact color in tone

I’ll show you again- and again…if you wish
But I can assure the results will remain the same
It is a truth most people disregard
Do not get caught up in ignorance's game

So, when you’re sitting in the jury box
Or even judging that black man’s case
Just remember what I showed you
And look beyond the color of their face
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