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Our minister's granddaughter's response to a very personal question.
For Dolleys Journey 's contest Out Of The Mouths Of Babes.

It was a quiet summer day in the church playroom in the summer of 2000.

I had one charge: Scotty, a young man with the mind of a toddler.

Paul had his hands full with his one charge: Tori, our minister's energetic granddaughter, who was not quite three.

After awhile, I overheard Paul ask Tori if she had to potty--to which she told him she didn't and went on playing with the toys.

Soon, he asked again--and was told the same.

Finally, he asked her a third time, "Are you SURE you don't have to potty?"

"No, Paul," she told him in a patient-but-exasperated voice, "I don't have to potty! I'm just venting my bottom!"
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