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The archaeologist studied the bones with careful speculation. He was dreading the report he would have to hand over to Mr. Evans in the morning.

Originally, the bones were believed to evolve from the ape. This find had sparred national enthusiasm and hoped to prove the missing link theory.

The worst of the matter was, the bones did not appear to evolve from anything; human or animal.

The archaeologist tossed and turned in his bed most of the night. Something wasn't right but he couldn't quite put his finger on it. Finally, he drove to his lab in the wee hours of the morning to do more research.

He read his files over and over. He retested samples taken from the bones. Alas, he plunked in his chair and nodded off.

The crash of a test tube jerked his sleepy body awake. Glancing around the room he could find no means of why the tube could have fallen. Bending to wipe up the mess, a ghostly mist swirled from the liquid and headed toward the bones.

"What the...."

In an instant, the fog was sucked into the remains.

The archaeologist jumped as the knives on his tray began to shake. The light above the table dimmed, causing a mystic air in the room.

Cam West stared at his chiseled name on the stone paperweight. Opposite lay a book on personality theories of the ape. The quality of these items and more suddenly seemed unimportant.

His name on the paperweight glowed.

"It resembles a headstone," Cam whispered to himself.

Another crash startled Mr. West as he stepped backward into a trail of pinkish water.

A universal reaction would have been to get out of there, but Cam West was very curious and it never crossed his mind to flee.

The bones, first thought of as a windfall from heaven, if you believed in it, now moved themselves under the x-ray machine.

Yes, he thought, show me who or what you are.

His zealous work on this project was about to pay off.

The archaeologist carefully walked to the x-ray machine and turned it on. The bones lay in no special order. He hung the results in front of the light and gasped.

Instead of bones, a message was arranged:


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