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Having a typical day at IT
Written by: Louis Serio

Good Morning IT Professional

8:00 AM

“Press Control, Alt Delete.”
Ring, ring. The phone rings. It's only the 17th time since 7:30 AM this morning.
“Can you hold Please. Thanks.”
“ Hi this is Jim. Good thanks and you? You can’t connect to the network? Is the cable connected to the Network Card? Look to the right on the side of your laptop. No it’s not? Well plug it in and restart….Call me back if you still can’t get in.”
“Sorry for putting you on hold. Now. Is the program listed as not responding? Hello? Hello?

Ring, ring. The phone, rings, again, for the 18th time this morning.

“ Hi this is Jim. No I did not hang up. Anyway.... Is the program listed as not responding? I know that is why you called me in the first place. Did you open any emails stating I Love you?" Jim took a quick sip of his coffee. "You did? Did you read the email IT sent out stating that there was a virus called the I Love You bug being sent around and to delete any mail with the Subject I Love You?" His coffee was getting cold. "I understand that it was from someone you know John but does Mike McDonald usually send you a message stating that he loves you?" Jim held the phone from his ear. "I’m not being smart with you. Shut down your PC and I will be right up.

Ring, ring. The phone rings for Joe. His 10th call this morning.
“Joe here”
“Joe this is Jim.”
“What’s up Jim?
“Joe. John just opened up the I Love You virus on his PC. Have you kept the virus protection software current? Our servers should be all set. Right? Right Joe? Joe?! Damn it.”

Knock, knock..Stacey stands outside of Jim's office. Well Jim liked to call it a office but actually it was a small 4x4 foot cubicle.
“I will be with you in a minute Stacey," Jim was being hit from every angle. "Joe, Jim continued. "Stacey is at my office door. Go up to John’s office and clean the Love Bug virus off his PC. I will check the Servers for data loss.”
“Jim?” Stacey was almost in tears.
“Go ahead Stacey.”
"I deleted a presentation file on the network and I need it now. I need to have it burned to CD. I’m leaving in 30 minutes to catch a flight.”
“Sorry to interrupt Stacey, Michelle barged into psuedo office/cubicle. "Jim you gotta help me.”
“What is the problem Michelle?” Jim already knew the answer.
Michelle was frantic, “All the picture files on my pc are missing?"
“Did you open an email right before this happened?” Jim wrapped an elastic band around his hand. He was tempted to flick it right off her empty skull.
“Yeah. I got a message from Cindy.”
“Did she say she loves you?” He laced this remark with sarcasm.
“How did you know?”
Ring, ring. Number 19
“Hold one minute Michelle. Hello this is Jim.
HR? You have a new user that needs to be added to the network? When is he starting? Two weeks ago? I’ll add him to the Domain.”

8:05 AM
Ring, ring……..Ring, ring………… Ring, ring……..Ring, ring
Hello you have just reached the IT department. This is Jim. I am taking the rest of my life off. Please take all you problems and complaints and store them up your
A: Drive!

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