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The night is the freedom from the day
         Night is the freedom from the day. In the darkness there is no pain, no suffering, no sadness. In the darkness there is no deception, no shadows cast by the sun. At night there is only bliss.

         I have given up on the day. I have embraced the darkness. As I walked through the forest I hear nothing, I feel nothing, I see nothing. The trees become closer together. They try to block my path, trying to send me back to the light. I fight them and break through their last line of defense.

         Water, I hear water. It gently laps against the banks that hold it in its place. I open my eyes. The stars sparkle dimly in the dark skies. They are only pinpricks, their light being swallowed by the darkness. The moon's silvery light is cast over the water. This place is a world of it's own.

         I sit by the side of the water watching my reflection. I do not hear him come, but suddenly he is there. He sits next to me without a sound, turning to look at me. Our eyes meet. There is no expression in those dark black eyes. He says to me in a deep, cold voice, "Do not fear child, here there is no pain, no suffering, just bliss. Let everything go."

         I listen to his words and obey without my own consent. I relax and he touches my face gently. At his touch I shiver and instantly know who he is. I do not struggle, I do not cry out, I do not fear, I let everything go. I close my eyes, feeling him touch my neck. His lips touch my neck as he bits down. The pain is momentary. Just as the light fades into the darkness, the pain fades into bliss, and everything is over.

         *He stood up, finishing with his meal. He wiped her blood of his hands and face, looking down at her body. She was a pretty girl, scared and lost, just like all the others. He knelt back down, picking up her now lifeless body. Walking over to the deep, cold, water tossed her body in. He watched her sink to the bottom. They always came, the lost people of the world. Every night, another one came to the lake. Every night he would feed on them. They were such an easy meal. The sun had begun to rise as all returned to normal. He retreated into the deep forest, just to come back the next night, for his next meal.
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