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Typical morning of the IT Professional: Continued- 8:15 AM
Written by: Louis Serio

Good Morning IT Professional 8:15 AM

8:15 AM
“Jim? Nice message. Very funny now pick up. Jim?”
Knock, knock. Stacey did not wait to enter Joe's cubicle.
“Joe? Have you seen Jim?”
“No." Joe said, hanging up the phone. I just tried to reach him on the phone. What’s the problem Stacey?”
“I am trying to be patient Joe but I have to leave here in 15 minutes to catch a flight. I asked Jim to restore a presentation file that is missing and all I got from him was -Hold Please- while he answered phone calls and then Michelle barged in and asked for help." Stacey was rambling. "How rude. Doesn’t Jim know that I was first in line? Then he got up and said he had to take a cigarette break.”
“Jim doesn’t smoke Stacey.” Joe laughed.
“I really don’t care if he smokes or not. I need my CD burned!” She spat.

“Sorry to interrupt but…..”
“Oh no Michelle not again." Stacey was about to lose it. "Wait your turn.”
“Take a chill pill Stacey," Michelle brushed Stacey aside. "I only need Joe for a minute then you can have him.”
Joe was hoping for a cat fight.
“Joe!" John was furious. "When is my laptop going to be fixed? You came up here first and I expect my PC fixed first." He pointed to the two women, "Frankly Stacey, I am not interested in your CD or your pictures Michelle. My laptop is not working and I am expecting an important email from my mother!”

PAGING Jim Poston from IT
Joe just smiled. He knew that Jim from IT was not going to be answering a page anytime soon. Joe put himself back into IT mode. “OK John I am on it. Stacey. I will call Mike and have him get your file restored and burned to CD. Michelle. I can get your file but I need to finish up with John.”
Stacey stamped her feet and walked out of site, “If I miss this flight I will have your head.”
“I know Stacey.”

PAGING Jim Poston from IT

“Good luck tracking him down.” Joe whispered and went back to fixing John's self inflicted problem.
“What was that Joe?”
“Nothing just thinking out loud Michelle.”
“These pictures are v,v,very important." Michelle was on verge of a breakdown. "Get them done as soon as possible."

PAGING Joe Mulfreen from IT

“Jim where the hell did you go?” Joe was agian speaking to himself.
“Are you talking to me?"
“No John.”
“Well when you’re done talking to yourself, get my laptop fixed. I’m going to get a cup of coffee." John walked his fat ass out of the office and out of site.
Joe picked up the phone and dialed.
“Hello, Mike here.”
“Mike. This is Joe. Stacey is on her way down and she is steaming. What? I know she has a nice set Wozaps but right now you better get your ass ready for a verbal beating. Ya I know but first she needs a restore then a CD burned. Hey Mike have you see Jim? What? You saw him pull out of the parking lot? Your kidding?”

PAGING Joe Mulfreen

“Gotta go Mike. Good luck.” Joe put down the receiver.

8:30 AM

"Front Desk."
“You paging me Judy?"
"Who is this?"
"It’s Joe. I just heard the front desk page for me. What can I help you with? Did I see Jim? Um...No I haven’t seen him. What's wrong? All the pictures on the S:Drive are missing? I know you have important information saved there but...Who? Maxy? Who is Maxy? I am sorry you had a picture of your dog Maxy saved on the server but until I find out what went wrong your dog will have to wait! I know he is special to you. I will try to get it restored.”

8:35 AM

“Ahh, nothing like a good hot cup of coffee. You get my laptop fixed yet Joe?”
“I just got up here 15 minutes ago John.”
“So is it that big of a deal to get my laptop finished. I don’t want to call my mother long distance when I can email for free.”
“I understand completely John.”
“So what’s the big deal with opening up this Love, what’s it name anyway?”
“The I Love You virus."
"Yeah that love whatever it is."
"Oh nothing John it just deletes every picture on your laptop and on all the servers, then uses your address book to send an email out, with the virus, to everyone you know so that they can open an email from you that states I LOVE YOU.”
“Oh. That can be a real problem. I’m glad I’m not in your shoes Joe. Ha ha”
“Ya. real funny. Say John?”
“Do you usually open emails from Mike McDonald saying that he loves you?”
“What is all of IT full of smart Asses?”
“No John I was just asking. I will be right back.”
“Where you going?”
"I gotta send out an email to everyone."
"Well hurry up Joe I need to get back to work."
“Right John. I will be back in a minute.”

8:40 AM
Email to Everyone:

This is Joe from IT. Please send all problems and complaints to Mike McDonald. If you need me I will be with Jim Poston. If you need to know where Jim is try call his answering service I think you will find his message very informative.

John. Tell your mother she should have spanked you when you were a kid.
Judy at the front desk....I never have seen an uglier dog than your precious Maxy.
Stacey. Nice Wozaps.
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