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A young girl is toyed with by a vampire...

         She smiled faintly, looking through the window of the old, run down house. Soon, she whispered, soon The sun cast warm, orange rays onto her pale face as it was swallowed by the green hills in a glorious sunset. The trees blocked some of the light, but not enough. It burnt. She stepped away from the window, the sole source of light in the rather large room. The once cozy house had become run down over the many years it had sat at the base of these hills, surrounded by the tall evergreen trees that reached towards the picturesque sky. The bedroom in which she stood hadn't changed from when she used to sleep there as a little girl, only it was very different. The bright wall paper that she had helped her mother put up in her fifth year had lost all it's color and had begun to peel of the walls. The bedspread she had picked out for her tenth birthday was ripped and had a musty smell to it. The white sheets under it seemed more yellow now. I wont be here much longer though. She approached the mirror, gazing thoughtfully at her reflection. Was I beautiful like he said I was? She shook her head. She had been having trouble thinking for herself lately. It hadn't always been this was though. She smiled at the memory. The face in the mirror seemed to light up, the faint light from the window, catching in her deep black hair and causing it to shimmer beautifully. Her green eyes like that of cats, her skin as pale as the snow that had fallen the previous night. Her smile was very mischievous, as if she had a secret she would never tell. As her memories continued to wash over, her eyes lit up like a little schoolgirl.
Soon, very soon.....

Chapter 1

         It felt like an eternity ago, when the warm rays of sun had been cast onto her like a spotlight. Ah those days. She had just finished junior high and it was early summer. As the sun set, it had been warm but not uncomfortably so. She felt as if God was smiling down at her.....
         She had been deeply religious then, attending the local church every sunday, her voice heard above all in the choir. Her voice was angelic, once bringing a tired old women to tears during mass. She was the youngest choir member by far, but still, she felt more accepted there then hse had anywhere else, not even with her friends. Was that foolish? It felt that way to her now. She couldn't have become more of a different person. Yes, it had all changed that day.....
         The sunset was beautiful as she watched it from the hill. It felt so warm and comfortable against her skin. She lay down gazing at the pink and orange clouds just above her. She felt as if she could touch them if she tried.
         It wasn't long before she she closed her eyes and began to doze. It had been such a long day. When she awoke, the stars were scattered across the deep black sky and the moon the full moon sent out it's clean white rays across the hills. She shivered. A cool wind was blowing from the north. It wrapped around her, trying to take her breath away. She felt very disoriented, not remembering where she was and how she had gotten there. She stood up, her thoughts flooding back to her, and began to walk towards her home.
         It was about a mile from her house to the hills. The walk was pleasant, taking her through a forest and into a meadow that led to the hills she so loved to visit. She carefully walked down the steep hill walking onto the thin path through the meadow. It felt even more enchanting now during the night then it ever had during the day. The moons rays weaved through the tall grasses, casting shadows onto the path she walked upon. The crickets chirpped intheir nighttime chorus, the grasses swaying to the beat of their song. She sighed and closed her eyes, the wind surrounding her and sending shivers down her spine. This place felt like heaven to her.
         Her path was soon devoured by the dark forest. The trees arched over her head, pressing down upon her and swallowing her. The wind blew a hard gust, nearly throwing her down. The branches of the trees swayed ang groaned, sending the dead leaves into a downward flight towards the ground. She pressed on, picking up the pace as she felt the trees begin to close in on the path in front of her. She hadn't remembered that. Was she lost? She tried to collect her thoughts. She needed to stop and calm down. But, she couldn't. She just couldn't stop. The path twisted and turned, the trees looming over her, their branches trying to grasp her. An unholy shiver passed down her spine and childish tearsbegan to pour down her cheeks. The darkness of the forest swallowed up her sobs. The path shrunk again, dwindling and disappearing like a baby stream emptying into the deep ocean. She found herself climbing over large roots and avoiding low branches. Her toe hit a root causing her to fall and cut her head on a large rock. Blood streamed down her face mingling with her sweat and tears already present on her face. She found herself standing up and pressing on with an increasing speed. Surprisingly, she felt no pain what-so-ever. In fact, she felt nothing at all. No fatigue from her long walk,or even the moisture on her cheeks. She felt as if she was watching a movie and yelling at the main charactor to watch out.
         She soon found herself in a rather large clearing. The moon was overhead and cast few shadows on the area. A large oak tree stood in the middle of the clearing, it's branches lifted up towards the heavens, it's full green leaves shimmering in the moonlight. She felt a wave of extreme pain pass over her and she slipped to the ground. Her cut had virtually healed by then and her tears had stopped flowing; all that could be heard was her raspy breathing. She winced at the sharp pains all through her legs and the hurt she felt from the still somewhat bleeding cut on her head. She dared not move more then a few feet, for fear of more pain, to the edge of the clearing where she lay against a tree. A wave of fatigue passed over her and she felt her eyes closing as she slipped into the deepest sleep she would ever know. The last thing she remembered was seeing the shadow of something, high in the oak tree in the center of the peaceful clearing.

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