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A young girl is toyed with by a vampire.
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Chapter 2

         She felt reality pass over her like a cool, refreshing ocean wave washing up the soft white sands of a distant beach. Her eyelids fluttered, trying to see beyond the darkness that surronded her. The memories of her dream hit her like the now strong ocean waves that beat upon the pearly sands. She shot upwards, her breath coming from her spratically, tears lacing her half closed eyes. She leaned up against the headboard, her breath steadying, the color coming back into her face: It was just a dream, wasn't it? Of course! That's all it could be! She rose from the bed and approached the window, craving the warmth of the new day's sun. She was so cold, just like ice. She closed her eyes, savoring the warmth on her skin, yet knowing she had something to take care of. She walked towards the door, stopping by the mirror just a few steps away. Something was wrong, by then she had relized. She was still dressed in her clothing from esterday, her hair was tangled and caked with a certain substance...blood? Her fingers traced the thin red line on her forehead, her eyes closing in an expression of pain. Her once white shirt was now tan, covered in dirt. Her jeans had holes in both of the knees and were also covered in dirt. She turned and ran out of her bedroom, entering the bathroom and tearing her clothing off. She jumped into the shower taking the hottest and longest shower she had ever had.
         She must have been under the warm stream of water for so long, the steady patter of water on her back relaxing her. She set the events of the past night out of her mind; It was all a dream! She was probably so tired that she started hallucinating and accidently fell, yes that's all. How foolish, it was so easy to see what had really happened.... She sighed deeply and turned off the water, the cool air caressing her body, sending goosebumps all down her back. She dried herself well and wrapped the towel around herself, heading back into her bedroom to find clean clothing. As she rummaged through her dresser drawers she bent down, feeling a sharp pain in the side of her neck. She turned to the mirror, brushing the hair away and looking for the source of her pain. She noticed two seperate marks, as small as pinpricks, about an inch apart, on the side of her neck. She gasped, her eyes widening in horror, suddenly feeling pain all across her skin. Her towel fell to the floor and her eyes widened even more as her eyes traced across her skin. The normally flawless, tan skin was unusualy pale, and pairs of little red marks were presant on the top of her left leg, her arms, and on her belly. She shivered, her arms holding tightly around her body, trying to stop herself from shaking. She felt herslf fall to the floor......
         She felt the tranquil light of reality pass over her again and emitted a sigh-like groan. She lay on her side, curled up into a ball in front of her dresser. Her long, wet hair lay tangled across her shoulders and chest, her head was bent down toward her chest, her arms lay on the floor, one in front of her and one behind her: It was quite an uncomfortable position. She stood up, quickly throwing the damp towel that lay nearby across her very naked body. Her face was sickly pale, her eyes cloudy and sunk deep into her head, full of unshed tears. She shook her head: No, it's not true! You wish... She rummaged through her drawers, pulling out a small black t-shirt, a long, baggy, white skirt. She had worn the skirt a few days ago when she went to the movies with her best friend. She almost smiled. After dressing, she returned to the bathroom and dried her soaking wet hair and brushing it after it was dry. She returned to her bedroom, looking for the cross necklace she had been wearing the previous night: She didn't find it. She gazed out the window at the now black sky, thinking. The stars shimmered and shined while the white light of the moon came through the window and fell upon her face. She smiled and closed her eyes, enjoying the cool summer night's air as it flew through the open window. She turned, walking to the door and out of her bedroom. The upstairs of the house was quiet and she noticed the bright red light of her mother's alarm clock as it came through the doorway. She peeked in the room, spying the empty bed, also illuminated by the alarm clock which read 1:30. She frowned, exiting the room and stepping softly onto the wooden stairs. Holding tightly to the banister, she decended. As she stepped into the large hallway, she moved to turn on a light. The hall lit up, the chandelier emitting bright clean light. Her eyes stung from being in the dark for such a long time and she shielded them until she adjusted. She gazed around the room, drinking in ever detail down to the intricit patterns of the rug of the family room down the hall. She sighed; everything was how she had left it. She found herself wondering where her mother was and walked down the hallway toward the den (the opposite direction of the family room}. She passed by the kitchen and past the front door, which was located in the hallway, between the kitchen and den. A few feet away from the door, was a small wooden table that leaned up against the wall. On top of the table were a few family pictures, most of her and her mother. On the wall just above the table there was a large oval mirror that had belonged to her grandmother and had been given to her mother when she had been very young. She had loved the grand frame and could often be seen as a child, running her fingers along the border. She still did that occasionally, but had learned from her mother's yelling that it wasn't a good idea. She gazed into the mirror once more, as she was so occustomed to and felt a lump in her throat appear. Carved into the mirror was, "Come to me"
         Her knees buckled, her hands shook. Involuntarily, shivers shot down her spine She didn't blink; She simply stared at the carving. But suddenly they were gone. She blinked: It must have just been the imagination. She walked into the living room next to her, turning lights on as she went, scared someone was there. She sank into the plush recliner opposite the television. The room was dark, but the switch was on the other side of the room and she didn't feel like hitting it. She turned the television on and flipped through the channels, eventually finding herself on MTV, watching the music video of a rock band she had never heard of. It was an ok song and she leaned back into her chair listening to it. She began to doze as a slow song came on, only to be jarred awake by the hard chords of a goth band. Her eyes fell back on the tv, only to travel the length of the room when the video started to bore her. She gazed at the couch on the other side of the room from her, noticing a strange shadow being cast on the back of it. She grew curious and walked over towards it. She sighed: It was only a blanket. She picked it up, in order to put it away. A shriek blotted out the dark music of the video as she ran from the roomand out the front door. On the couch was her mother, pale and cold, with two pinpricks on the side of her neck.

Chapter 3

         She felt numb as she ran from the house. Her mind was empty of all thoughts, so terrified by what she had just seen. She walked a way from the house at a fast pace and back into the woods. On the inside she was terrified but she simply couldn't stop. In fact, no one could stop her. She lived in a large house on a small dirt road, five miles from the nearest town. Even the town was small as well, and that's the way she liked it, until that moment. The woods swallowed her again and she felt herself lose control again. The tv caractor returned and she found herself screaming bloody murder at her, but she could not save herself from what was coming. She was lifeless like a doll, her long air was tossed by the winds, whipping her in the face, blinding her. Her skin was like a becon in the darkness, reflecting the moon light. The air was misty, droplets formed on her skin the farther and farther she went. She knew where she was going before she got there. The clearing formed around her, the large oak tree leaning over her like a giant. She felt herself stumble and come back into her body. She shivered as the wind clawed at her. She felt drawn to the oak tree, taking small steps, edging closer and closer. She knew she should turn back, leave this place and never come back but she knew, there was no place for her to go. Her mother was dead and she had no other relatives, no real friends. Her church life seemed to shrink and seen foolish in her eyes. Why would God let this happen to her? Because he doesn't really exist thats why...She felt her heart harden and she no longer felt any fear. She saw a light in the tree, a beacon calling to her. She grasped the lowest branch, pulling herself onto it with a strength she didn't know she had. She climbed, up into the very top of the tree, searching for the light that had so possessed her. She reached for it, losing her balance. she stole a glance at it as she fell. It was her cross necklace. She heard a laugh as she hit the ground, passing out.

         She woke up, wrapped in a blanket of warmth. She had no memory of what had passed the night before: All she knew was that she did not want her moment of peace to end. She felt the sunlight tug at her eyes, trying to open them and she turned over, shielding her eyes, nearly falling of the bed. She opened her eyes, relizing that she was not at home in her large comfy bed but in a smallbed, wrapped in dusty sheets. Her eyes fell upon the window nest to her bed, full of scratches and dirt. The room was small and old, the closet door off it's hinges, paint chipping, overturned furniture and torn curtains. She felt her stomach plummet; She had seen this place before, a long time ago, when she was but a child....

more later.....
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