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A multi-cultural recipe. If you have other versions of it, please e-mail me.

          (This international dish serves roughly about 100 people. With some originality and luck, it can be stretched to serve the whole world. This dish is usually passed around in Christmas time by some cultures, but because of its nourishing and addictive qualities, it is also used year round.)


         A generous amount of love as much as your container will hold-(Use the general agape kind. The particular romantic one may not always work.)
         2 lbs of precise decision to be happy
         2 lbs of tolerance
         2 lbs of acceptance - the kind that comes with smiles and/or faith in the higher power
         3 lbs of encouragement given to others
         2 cups of resilience (This ingredient goes a long way but is hard to find. So, if you can’t find two cups of it, any amount, even a bit of it, may be enough)
         1 job you feel comfortable in, a passion, or a goal
         3 lbs of willingness to work
         1 cup of eyesight or insight to appreciate beauty
         2 oz. of the five senses, mixed with others like intuition, imagination etc.
         1 cup of health -mental and physical combined-
         Somebody’s love and support, as much as you can get it. (This strengthens the gourmet flavor)
         For further flavoring, a pinch of the feel of a baby’s soft skin or the furry feel of a pet

Basic recipe:

         Start with a clean container. Fill it with the first ingredient, love. Don’t worry, it can never be too much and it always makes space for the other ingredients.
         Add 2 lbs of precise decision of to be happy. Stir.
         Add 2 lbs of tolerance together with the two pounds of the encouragement given to others. Stir.
         Add 1 pound of the acceptance. Stir gently, because acceptance is absorbed slowly. Let it settle for an hour or so before you add one cup of the resilience.
          Now add the one cup of resilience.
         Add the job or the goal at the same time with the 3lbs of willingness to work.
         Fold in the remaining pound of acceptance, stirring slowly.
         When thoroughly mixed, put it in a low oven for some time, as long as it takes until the top crust is rosy.


         Blend quickly the remaining pound of the encouragement given to others, a cup of eyesight/insight to appreciate beauty, 2 oz. of the senses, a cup of health, and somebody’s love and support until the dressing is fluffy.
         Immediately spread the dressing over the rosy Happiness and sprinkle it with the pinch of the feel of a baby’s soft skin or the furry feel of a pet.
         Serve immediately. This dish serves as many as you wish because of the flexibility of the first ingredient, LOVE.

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