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A man's special relationship with his mirror.
" Which face today, should we put on display ?"
said the man to himself in the mirror.

         "Should we be happy ?
Or, should we be sad ?
         Should we be solemn ?
Or, should we be mad ?"

The mirror stood silent while the man stood and pondered, trying each face on for size.

" I ask you again," said the man to the mirror, his ire beginning to rise.

" Which shade of Grey, would you wear best today ?" The mirror did finally reply.
" I am sorry, my friend, for I have you no answer. I only reflect that which stands here before me, but cannot what lies hidden on inside. It is there. You must find it. For only you, can decide. "

Thus spoken, the mirror fell silent, and stunned, Grey turned slowly away.

" But mirror....Oh, mirror!" the frantic man pleaded, his gaze returned to the glass.
" Please, my true friend, don't do this today !
I must have my answer! I trust you!
I need you! What more can I say?"

The mirror was silent. The minutes crept by.
The man only stood there and waited and cried.

" Weep not my dear friend, for you know, I'll not leave you," the mirror did finally speak.
" Which shade of Grey would you wear best today?
Calm thyself friend, wipe the tears from thy cheek."

" Oh, I knew it! I knew it! I knew you would help me," the man responded with glee.
" I knew I could trust you. I knew you would tell me. I knew you would not desert me!"

" Which shade of Grey, would you wear best today?" The mirror did ponder.
" I think that it shall be, the one thy wear best, Grey, the face that we usually see."

The man's smile faded, and then, he grew solemn.
The gleam in his eye, it was gone.
He knew in his heart, he'd gotten his answer.
The answer he'd known all along.
And muddled in confusion, Grey walked away.
For that was the face that he wore everyday.

Though inwardly happy, the man would not wear it. The mirror had shown him the way.
For at least now, at least for today, the man knew which face to display.
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