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by Kenzie
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For Bookie's Life Analogy Contest.
Life Is Like a Rubber Band
by Marilyn Mackenzie

This was a quick thought for Bookie's Life Analogy Contest.

Life is like a rubber band. Sometimes we’re stretched to the limit and we break. Sometimes we fly hither and yon, with no direction in mind, landing somewhere we never planned to be.

Sometimes we’re blue; sometimes we’re tan and our lives are as bland as our color. Other times, we’re living a red or yellow life – a more exciting life, indeed.

When we discover our purpose, though, we discover real zeal for life. Rubber bands are like that too, whether they were meant to be the organizers, holding things together, or the ones to brush back the hair from the face of that cute red-haired girl with freckles.

Yes sir, life is like a rubber band. As long as we don’t stretch ourselves too hard or too fast, we’ll last a good long time and be content with our lives.

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