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What's a slumber party without gossip?
Okay, so like, I SWEAR I'll kill you
if you say I told
because, like, it's a supposed to be
a secret, I'll, like, keep until I'm old...

But BeckitoldmeLindseytoldher
thatMissy DID THE DEED!

And on your journal you gotta,
like, pinky swear you'll never tell a soul....

Cuz Abisaidshethinksshe,like,
heard Brittany puking
after every lunch this week.

Okay, and, like, get this....

StacisaidthatMindioverheard, like,
SusiegotoMandi, "I kissed Traci's
boyfriend in Sally's dad's jacuzzi."

And Tami was caught cheating and
now is gonna fail,
and Jenni's boobs have grown
so big and fast I, like, SOOOOOO
don't think they're real.
Kerri's brother, Michael,
might have to go to jail,
and Jacki, like, totally
freaked out in class
and bitched out Mrs. Kale.

So, OH-MY-GOD, you have to PROMISE
that you won't breathe a word
because you twenty fabu girls are, like,
the ONLY ones I've told this to
in the, like, whole entire world.
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