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A game my friend Nikki and I played when we were little girls...
A trash can lid becomes a shield, eblazoned with a lion ready to attack

That stick on the ground is now a longsword, to vanquish the foe

A tree becomes our windmill, monsters to fight against

And you, you become the damsel, waiting to be saved.

I'm not a valiant knight, approaching on my steed

Ready to defeat the dragon and free you from the tower.

I'm no prince charming, ready to sweep you off your feet

Nor do I have a castle reaching high toward the sky.

But I do have a mommy who will give us cookies and milk

I do have a father who'd tell us stories of his life

To tell us about Bermuda and Arizona and Colorado and everywhere else he's lived

My kitty becomes the lion

A piece of string, the whip

My doggy is the horsie

Willing to take us on our trip

Across the wide expanses of my living room

Our own little fantasy world, a place to play and live

The fantasy is in our minds

*My friend Nicole and I, when we were little, used to pretend that we were in a fairy tale and since I am a tomboy, she'd be the Damsel and I'd be the valiant knight. Usually, though, I'd end up giving up and running off to watch tv, but that doesn't matter...*
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