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Even the best of resolutions can be overturned by the right kiss... A short, short story

Two Attorneys

"Ah, the only adversary I ever wish I'd lost to," the D.A. greeted her.

Throughout the rest of the party, Jamey gnawed over Peter's words, and when the event was almost over, she confronted him. "What did you mean by that?"

Peter smiled in a way that torched her interior. Jamey blushed.

The D.A. stepped closer and whispered into her ear. “If I hadn't won that case against you, we'd be married now."

Jamey's head reared up. No way! Not to Peter! Then she looked into his eyes. Her legs shook, her mouth went dry, and her heart thumped its own chorus. Jamey turned to flee, but it was already too late. Peter’s arms encircled her. Then his lips melded with hers.

When they drew apart, Jamey sighed contentedly. She looked up at him and smiled. Maybe, it was possible that the D.A. and a private attorney could be more than just adversaries.


Word Count: 153 words

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