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by Shaara
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These are some of the awards I've given at Writing.Com.
I believe that all mankind are brothers. It does not matter, color, race, religion, sexual preference, or country... We are all Terrans, and as such we must learn to live together in peace, acceptance, and understanding.

I have given most of my awards because someone manifested such a philosophy. I believe that pieces like these make the world a better place.

Please pray for peace, love your fellow man, and read one of these wonderful selections. Together we can make a difference.

Smiles from Shaara

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#547995 by Not Available.
Writetight, Iritegud writes beautiful pieces. They leave you wanting to read more. He is one of the most talented authors on Writing.com. If you haven't read any of his works, rush to do so.

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#655742 by Not Available.
This is a poem about how it feels to be confronted by daily prejudice. Rockhill has done an excellent job showing us what it is like.

Andrea has written a beautiful folder full of love.

Angels  (E)
Finding inspiration and hope even when life is at its hardest
#481945 by Andrea

She has a story of sadness when one of a couple dies and the other is left, she has a beautiful vision of rainbows, a best friend who is a cow, and then, my favorite, her tale of her own heart which is a must read.

Love Is Colourless  (ASR)
A mother's love for her child
#338576 by Andrea
I hope you read and enjoy this special folder as much as I did!

The following is a web-site that is stupendous. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has always been my hero. A man who worshipped peace and who envisioned a world where all people were brothers and sisters -- that's my world, please. That's what I want. Thank you, Dr. King for moving us forward toward that dream!

Because of its beauty, I gave her a Merit Badge: Thank you for the wondrous site you constructed, Nordette.

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#804237 by Not Available.

Harry writes beautiful poetry. He has a book of poems that has recently been published, and I am the recipient of an autographed copy of it.

But all that has nothing to do with the awardicon I gave him on this piece. He has illustrated so well my thoughts on world peace. He has given me hope in a sometimes bleak world.

Please read:

Cats And Dogs  (13+)
A free verse poem meant to be thought-provoking.
#868998 by Harry


Sometimes, the breath gets knocked out of us because something is so beautiful that it brings tears and ahs. The following pieces have that special element of beauty. I couldn't help adding them to my awards!

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#557361 by Not Available.
Once again, my friend Iritegud, Writetight, has stolen my heart with one of his pieces. If you can read this without crying, you are stronger than I am!

Another addition of excellence is for a filefolder of artwork with a piece called "Details, Darling" that left me overwhelmed with the artist's originality and talent. Check it out. This and and the other pieces are pretty incredible!

Drawings  (E)
A variety of subjects and mediums.
#373315 by The StoryMistress

Another award is for the following beautiful Christmas story. I can see the tree and the love in his family. As it says, this one took my breath away:

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#908537 by Not Available.

This award is for a piece that spoke to me. It vibrated my soul. Mistakes are to be learned from, or we repeat them over and over. And whatever the path, it is God's path.

If Only I Knew...  (E)
What Would I Do... If I Knew Then... What I Know Now?
#873349 by ├čarbiε

This story made me believe again. It is fantasy at its purist! Bravo!

Georgie Flies  (ASR)
A boy buys a dream, for only a quarter.
#1611233 by CeruleanSon

Ah, this is a poem that really riveted me. I couldn't stop reading it. I love the power of its common sense, the way it meanders. I want to write poetry like this, free and full of delightful cookie crumbs!

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#1325307 by Not Available.

Here is a piece that gives me hope. Like a precious flower, it offers beauty in its simplicity. Let us cross our fingers that inside it lies the element of truth. I don't want things in the USA to get this bad, but a solution where we work together to obtain a better world -- that's my cup of tea.

A Light From the Past  (E)
A prediction of a potential future, 8 years from now.
#1541330 by RebeccaFlys

This award was given to a lady who really loves to teach! She not only organizes herself with lessons weeks in advance but corrects writing tasks and drives us steadily forward in our endeavor to master verbs. This award is to say thank you and to clap for her dedication and for all of her HARD work.
These are the folders for the classes I teach at New Horizons.
#1511763 by Caressa

Defeated (Winner of WC contest)   (13+)
A solider contemplates his place in life after witnessing a bombing.
#1936211 by Jigaretto
Warning: This piece took my breath away with its author's skill to show the scene, to take us into the moment. And oh, how I agree with his conclusion. Sigh.

The following award inspired me on a somewhat cloudy day. It is so nice to see fragments of sanity lying about. Thank you for the quote and for the wonderful First People's Commandments. What an excellent piece to carry in one's mind, heart, and soul.

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#1587954 by Not Available.

Awarding pieces on the Writer's Cramp, as I do most weekends, I came across the following tale. Remember this was a 24 hour/1,000 piece or less. I found this piece to be a delight!

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#1807453 by Not Available.

Another piece that really tickled my funny bones, and had just the right touches of funny aliens and humor with intelligence.

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#1855369 by Not Available.

Another Writer's Cramp piece that really inspired me: It only takes a moment to smile, to hug, to kiss, to offer a kindness. And any of those CAN change a life. Thank you for the reminder.

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#2028408 by Not Available.

That's all for now. I shall keep prowling for more.


There have been many others, but some people have deleted their stories/poems. I miss the beauty of their pieces, but hope their work is being sent off so even more people can appreciate them.


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