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sometimes it's only up to you....
There's a story inside me. A story that can change the world. A story, so powerful, so true that it may be able to change one life for the better. I know the majority of people believe they are alone in their thinking, in their view of life. That the way they see thingsis so unique. But it isn't so. Rare perhaps, but not out of question. The only thing humanity has left as far as uniqueness goes is thero own view of life. That the way they see things in their own. I believe my way of viewing the world in which we live is one of a kind, yet I know it is not. Incomplete, maybe but unique none the less. And so do your friends, your relatives, your loved ones. How to know what is real? Reality to you may be fantasy to someone else. A happy life, alife without anxiety, a life without constant grief. It's a fantasy, a fairytale. And why should't we have those? They keep our hopes up. They keep us shooting for something greater than ourselves. Something better than us, in more control than us. We leave it up to a higher power to guide our lives. To make and keep us content and happy. But is that power really there or is just believing in it enough to create a false perception of it? Countries kill, make war, blame religious differences, political differences and the casualites of both on the reality of life. But, forgive me if it sounds naive, reality is what we make of it. The casualties of war justified by a greater good. A good that wil never be. A good that was never there and will never be there. There may be good people in the world, but there is no good in it. No one, at least no anyone in power will ever be the lesser of evils. They will become corrupt. They may start out with good intentions but it will always end with greed. Evil to the end. Evil lies in all of us. To use people, even those we love. To catch is to avoid that evil within you, you have to indulge the fantasies.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/614977