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He promised he would love her until the end of time and he would do just that.
We celebrated life of fifty years.
With family and friends just last week.
She was so radiant.
Every hair in place as always.
Makeup done to perfection.
I remember saying "Baby hurry."
"Just a couple more minutes." she replied.
Arriving at our own anniversary
party twenty five minutes late.
I just laughed, she would never change.
Now I sit here in this cold hard chair
beside a metal hospital bed
staring at my wife's lifeless body.
She is as beautiful to me today
as she was when we meet
fifty one years ago.
The doctors say it's
just a matter of hours.
I remember how she would smile.
How the touch of her hand
made me so warm.
Realizing how blessed I have been.
Dear God, I cannot be seperated
from her for one mere moment.
I feel her hand squeeze mine.
A hush comes over the room.
The monitors beeping cease.
She's gone now.
My hand falls from hers as
my body slumps in the chair.
Keeping my promise.
Taking my last breath.
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