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Northern Servai is a bountiful land of rolling hills and flowing plains.
Welcome to Northern Servai, on the North-Western Shore of the Ehydrez Sea.

Northern Servai is rarely called that by its inhabitants. The people more commonly refer to themselves by their clan. Clan ties are very important to the Northern Servaians. The leader of each clan can trace his/her lineage all the way back to the first Servaian to set foot across the sea.

There are ten major clans, in ten major cities stretching from modern Portugal to Germany and south to Italy (or what's left of it). Every seven years, the leaders of the clans meet to determine the "best clan." Each clan competes against the other in feats of skill. Each competition is accorded so much esteem and prestige. At the end, the clan who has won the most respect and prestige is accorded the best clan. The best clan's leader is then the acknowledged leader of all the clans and can speak in their behalf.

In comparison to Servai, Northern Servai is a wide-open and rugged land. The people are still largely nomadic, though more and more becomes settled with the passing of the years.

Priests of the Goddess are almost as prevalent here as in Servai, though they have more of a medicine woman/holy man type of standing. Most priests also dabble in "magic," which is usually little more than illusions and tricks. Any child seen to have even a little of these gifts is immediately taken into the shroud of the priesthood. The Priests of Northern Servai cast almost an evil shadow across the land. Luckily, the people are naturally independent and loathe authority of any kind. Otherwise, it would be too easy for the Priesthood to take over, per se.

Servai has its own booming colony on the South-Westernmost corner, so close to Servai's own shores. Trade has blossomed with the clannish people, though in Servai there are rumors that the Northern Servaians are only half-human. One distinguishing characteristic of the Northern Servaians are their slightly pointed ears and youthfulness. Even in old age, Northern Servaians seldom look old. They retain a childlike excitement and mischieviousness until far past middle age, which is quite a long time.

The lifespan of Northern Servaians is 70-80 years, longer than any other race, and people have been known to live into the hundreds. But the blood of Northern Servaians runs thin these days since Servai's conquest. The white-gold hair and blue eyes that used to be a characteristic of all Northern Servaians is now unusual to the point of being rare.

They are also naturally very tall. A man's average height is 6' and a woman averagaes about 5'8". They have adopted and adapted to many of Servai's standards and views of dress and appearance. Except, Northern Servaians value strength and endurance and survival of intense hardship more than a pretty face. They have little use for modesty; their direct questions are unnerving to most Servaians.

Northern Servaians love to adventure, a trait they share with Servaians. Theirs is less practical, however. They adventure for fun and excitement, rather than riches they might exploit from any neighbors. For a coming of age, the young people go on a pilgrimage to visit all the other clans. They take with them gifts and return home with something to signify their presence with the other clan. The respect and honor of one clan to someone on a pilgrimage is distinguished by lavish gifts. To form a new clan, an adult must have at least one member from each of the other clans to help carve out new territory.

They also love the sea. Most Northern Servaians are very adept at trading and often seek out ships from the city-state Lorelii in order to test their skills. In this land, wandering musicians, or bards, hold the highest status, other than the clan leader, of course. All Northern Servaians wish for a bard to sing of their prowess and thereby seek to perform great feats to attract the best of the singing storytellers. They love anything new and/or exotic and welcome strangers with eagerness.

Northern Servaians are not concerned with their close proximity to the race of Titans. In fact they welcome the raids as a chance to pit themselves against a stronger foe. Northern Servai is an exception in that they have even managed to parlay with the Titans. Such does legend state. They are captivated by mysteries, and the Titans are the second-greatest mystery there is, drawing adventurers like moths to a flame. Northern Servai respects the Titans such that they do not set foot or sail in their territory, but they have built several ports which welcomes Titan ships with supplies and tribute. A Northern Servaian clan considers itself blessed or especially lucky to see one of the graceful Titan warships.

The far North of Northern Servai is rugged and untamed wilderness. When a new clan is formed, the new people travel as north beyond the next-newest clan in order to stake out their territory. Farther south, the people have turned their rolling hills into a myriad of farms. The land is bountiful, rewarding those who work so hard to grow their crops. The farther north one travels, the fewer farms found. Instead, the people there are shepherds, following their herds far and wide across the hills.

The people are as rugged and tough as their land. They are ferocious when protecting their own and do not fear to speak their own minds.
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