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Here are the Barbarian Lands of Lutchan.
Welcome to Lutchan, on the North-Eastern Shore of the Anduin Sea.

This land stretches from modern Prague south-east to Istanbul and north to Kiev. Lutchan (pronounced "Loo-can") is a rigidly-dictated monarchy all under the rule of the King. The capitol is Jerdayne (located near modern day Athens). The King of Lutchan weilds a massive and powerful army, though without the help of a navy. All ships of Lutchan are mercantile vessels, though most Lutchan sailors are expert swordsman due largely to the exploits of "the Scourge of the Andrez."

The kingdom of Lutchan is mostly rugged mountains, surrounding deep valleys, with semi-flat plains within the circle of mountains. On the eastern side of the mountains is a region of high desert, stretching along the river towards modern-day Istanbul. An immense, continental glacier covers most of modern-day Russia, creeping ever southwards into Lutchan. The region between the glacier and the mountains is covered by semi-frozen ground, known as tundra. Wild and ferocious beasts inhabit the tundra. Only the bravest Lutchan soldiers venture in this area. The penninsula we know as modern-day Greece is a very mountainous region with ranges extending into the sea as peninsulas or chains of islands. The mountains of Lutchan are so high no one has ever climbed to the top. Its as if the gods themselves reign in the snow-capped heights.

Lutchan's army is one-hundred percent cavalry. Their horses are sturdy, sure-footed animals with minds of their own. Lutchan is always cold, even in the middle of summer. Snow covers the ground for nearly 10 months of the year in the higher elevations. The nimble mountain goat is only catchable during the worst two months of winter, when they are driven down the mountain to escape the freezing slopes. Subsequently, they are a prize highly sought after. But, they are also protected by the King of Lutchan. To kill one without his permission is to write yourself a death sentence.

Lutchan is definitely a feudal system, similar to that of our own Dark Ages. Wealth will buy you a station in life. The distance between rich and poor is too great for most people to bridge. This is building toward becoming a caste system. Generally speaking, a child enters into the career of his father. Women have no status in Lutchan, other than for the procreation of children and the satisfaction of their husbands. There are also no formal weddings. A woman is simply taken, by her father (or suitable father-figure), to the home of her husband (though they refer to "husbands" as "masters") where she will remain to the end of her days or until her husband's death, whereupon she will return to the home of her father. A woman's task in life is to please her husband in all things. A woman never addresses a man in public.

Lutchan is a harsh land similar to Northern Servai. The people are marked by their struggle against the land and wage an eternal battle against the monsters of the frigid north. They have many legends and myths about the creatures and where they come from, but those matter little when it comes to defending one's home. Lutchans are, if anything, a practical people. They make no displays of wealth, only of feats of prowess or bravery. To be called a coward is the gravest of insults, one which must be settled in blood.

Everyone works in Lutchan. Few live to old age in this warlike society. They know no frivolous activities like singing or dancing. They simply have no time for them. Decorations are unnecessary, so no one goes to any effort. Crafts are instead judged on how well they are made and how long they will last. And Lutchans are willing to put in the time it takes to do something right the first time. Lutchans have no patience with mistakes or accidents, but in all other aspects, Lutchans are said to have the patience of a saint.

Lutchans have one soft spot: their children. A child is seldom scolded. Children can go anywhere and do anything they feel like. Children are the only people in Lutchan who laugh and play. Such activities are viewed with mild amusement. A child is given anything he/she asks for, however, as a child ages, he/she puts aside such "babying." Children grow old quick in Lutchan. Usually by the time a child is 9 or 10 he/she is working right alongside his/her parent.

In past years, Lutchan has left the rest of the world strictly alone, except for minor trade. Lately, however, rumors state movements of the Lutchan war arm. These highly aggressive and expansive peoples look to be gearing up for an offensive, making Servai increasingly nervous. They may be right. Lutchan is a race bred for war. Unless they are at war with another nation, they make war amongst themselves. The current King was the leader of a splinter group within Lutchan that successfully usurped the throne. He eyes the riches of his southern neighbors.

When you think of Lutchan, think of Wales and Scotland and the Celts. "Braveheart" ring a bell?
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